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10 Jul    Acrylic

The history of Traditional acrylics dates back to 1928 when it was first produced by a company called Rohm and Haas. Being a highly versatile and flexible material, it is used to produce a wide range of products for domestic and commercial purposes on a daily basis. 

Acrylic products are largely gaining attention and have been an effective choice against materials like wood and rubber. 


What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a synthetic polymer, which has features similar to that of polycarbonate. The trade name of Acrylic is Plexiglass. Acrylic is, moreover, transparent material with high impact resistance.

This thermoplastic material is crystal clear and gives a perfect finish, just like that of a glass material.


Why Acrylic?

The following are the features that make acrylic a sustainable and reliable solution in the market.

 Acrylic has commendable clarity and produces quality products

  • It is a highly transparent material 
  • It offers good resistance to temperature variations
  • Acrylic is strong in impact resistance
  • The weight of acrylic is just half the weight of glass
  • It offers resistance to harmful chemicals and UV light.
  • Acrylic sheets are available in unique styles like frosted, fluorescent, and mirror, and black acrylic.
  • It has outstanding durability 
  • Acrylic is eco-friendly and can be reused. 


Top 10 Acrylic Products  

Acrylic plastic is commonly used to manufacture a wide variety of essential products like acrylic nail kits, acrylic powders, acrylic paint, lenses, LCD screens, containers and vessels, medical equipment, furniture, and display products.


They are also used as shields for windows, fashion and cosmetic accessories, enclosures, sales displays, acrylic roofing sheets, and so on. 

In this blog, we will discuss the 10 major acrylic products that have gained much popularity and hype in the market.


1. Acrylic Podium

acrylic podium - Pleasant Plastic

Podiums are platforms or stages used by a speaker or facilitator while delivering the presentation or speech during functions, conferences, and any other events.

Podiums made using acrylic give a royal appearance and the major benefit is that they are available in most eye-catching designs and varieties.

Acrylic podiums are transparent and largely used in meeting halls, conference rooms, seminar halls, prayer rooms and other concert or event places.


2. Acrylic Box

Acrylic Box - Pleasant Plastic

The best fabricated acrylic storage boxes are available in various sizes and shapes in the market.

 Also, these boxes are usually transparent and have good holding capacity. 

The acrylic boxes are highly used for storing various items and are also used as bins and containers. These come with lids and ideal storage spaces.

Acrylic storage boxes can be used for a long duration and provide a smart look and appearance to the interiors.


3. Acrylic letters

Acrylic Letters - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic can be used to make letters for the signage boards. The acrylic signs are usually made with a acrylic laser cutting custom lettering method.

Acrylic letters have a precise and high-quality finish. Acrylic is highly flexible; it is less fragile compared to glass.

Acrylic letters have the best and clean appeal which is an ideal option for businesses to display brand messages effectively. 

Golden Heavy Body acrylics are used for smooth consistency in spraying and designing purposes. Acrylic prints appear in vibrant colors and perfect quality and are ideal to display emblems, logos, or brand promotion taglines. 


 4. Acrylic Aquariums 

Acrylic Aquarium - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic fish tanks or acrylic aquariums are used in offices, industries, homes, and various institutions. They are made using acrylic sheets and are very powerful.

They are very soft and highly flexible when compared to glass aquariums. The impact resistance and lightweight make it strong and less prone to cracks.

It improves the living quality of the fishes with good insulation and low-temperature flux. They are highly scratch-resistant and show a range of colors.

They are available in many shapes, and hence, rectangular fish tanks are not the only option, when acrylic aquariums are considered.


5. Acrylic sinks and bathtubs

Acrylic sinks and bathtubs - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic is a waterproof material. This advantage is taken into consideration, and it is used in bathtubs and sinks. Acrylic material is highly versatile and retains heat. The smoothness and flexibility of acrylic are a benefit of using it for bathroom fixtures.

They are cost-effective and offer eye-to-detail with a transparent and clear structure. Thus, acrylic tubs have been the favorite choice of people. Acrylic is comfy and need not be maintained frequently. 

Acrylic material is lightweight, and hence it can be easily installed and maintained. It is highly resistant to damage and remains warm even at room temperature.


6. Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic Furniture - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic furniture is well known for its great elegance and perfect color. The classy finish that acrylic furniture gives has made it the ideal choice for several people worldwide.

Acrylic table, chairs, acrylic display cases, and shelves have gained enough popularity in the market. The interiors, variety of surfaces, and building structure are enhanced with the transparent and standard beauty of the acrylic furniture.

The acrylic furniture and the products require continuous care, maintenance, and proper cleaning mechanisms. If harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents are used, acrylic will be subjected to damage. It is easy to manage and make the furniture surface clean with normal cleaning methods. 

The parts of the Acrylic furniture are non-poisonous and they offer high chemical resistance when compared to other products made with plastic.

Acrylic furniture is resistant to UltraViolet rays. Hence, the furniture doesn’t fade or get discolored due to the harmful rays of the sun.


 7. Acrylic lighting fixtures

Acrylic lighting fixtures - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic is well known for its robust architecture and rich color. There are various kinds of acrylic lighting fixtures

The light diffusers are advantageous as they control and manage the sharp lighting to convert it into a soft and smooth light effect.

The acrylic material can prevent the lighting fixtures from getting dust and dirt, and also enables energy conservation.

They are highly UV and scratch-resistant and affordable when compared to polycarbonate. Acrylic panels and LED lights have been widely accepted nowadays for setting up lighting fixtures.


8. Acrylic Photo frames

Acrylic Photo frames - Pleasant Plastic

There are various types of acrylic frames available to make the photos look elegant and attractive. These include round, braced, portal, open acrylic frames, and many more.

The acrylic photo panels are strong and they give more finish compared to the frames made up of paper or wood.


Acrylic is the best alternative for glass. This is also known as Plexiglass or Acrylate Polymer chains, and scientifically it is a thermoplastic.

PMMA is an acronym for  Polymethyl Methacrylate which is well known for its flexibility, lightweight, and strength. 

To showcase any image, portrait, or artwork, clarity is something that can’t be compromised. The acrylic frames have unbeatable clarity and it exhibits all the features effectively. 


 9. Acrylic file holders

Acrylic file holders - Pleasant Plastic

Students and professionals would find file holders very useful to place their items and keep them well organized. 

Acrylic file holders can be easily kept in office spaces, schools, and domestic spaces to store documents and important files.

 The major highlight is that this organizer is made up of crystal clear, powerful, and highly durable acrylic material.

It is very easy to maintain and clean these holders. You can choose richer colors, and store catalogs, folders, paperwork, cards, files, records, and related documents.


10. Acrylic makeup organizers

Acrylic makeup organizer - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic makeup organizers are very popular in the female segment. They are usually clear and transparent but also appear in various color option.

These storage boxes have good visually pleasing features and can be easily assembled and detachable too.

This acrylic box is built using the acrylic sheet and it is slightly expensive due to the purity and the highly transmitting features when compared to the other cheaper and normal materials.

The monomer liquid for nails, called Acrylic liquid monomer, is used for manicures. The beautiful monomer acrylic nail designs, acrylic nail powder, and stunning nail care products are available in the market. The advantage of these beautiful acrylic nails is that they are against any allergic reactions.


Why are Acrylic products on high demand?

You may have come across various laser-cut acrylic products like acrylic nameplates, keychains, signboards, gift items, trophies, vases, acrylic LED frames, and many more, which are highly personalized.

Acrylic material is widely used in insulation, roofing, logistics, transportation, and windshields of vehicles including aeroplanes, and for lighting facilities and lighting fixtures outdoors.

They are also used in canopies and wall divisions. Acrylic is highly useful for various applications that demand transparency. You can cut acrylic to various desired shapes with the help of laser cutting and CNC Cutting and engraving methods.

The high impact strength, light resistance, and formability make it widely accepted as a safer and stronger feature. Though, when compared to glass they are less dense, still, they offer very high impact resistance.




1. Where can I buy good acrylic products in Dubai?

There are various brands of acrylics available in the market. However, for good acrylic services and acrylic fabricators in Dubai, you can depend on Pleasant Plastic and Pleasant Acrylic LLC.

You can rely on them also if you are searching for an option that provides perfect Acrylic Laser Cutting in Dubai.


2. Are acrylic products long-lasting?

Acrylic products are durable and need less maintenance. They weigh less when compared to glass products. 

The lightweight makes acrylic products safe and protective. They are scratch-resistant and highly stroke-resistant than glass.


3. What is the most popular acrylic manufactured in Dubai? 

The best acrylic company in Dubai for acrylic bending and molding:

Being renowned providers of acrylic products, and the popular acrylic sheet supplier in Dubai, Pleasant Plastic and Pleasant acrylic offers Acrylic Laser cut products, Painting & Designing, Acrylic Polishing, and various affordable acrylic related products and services.


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