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Pleasant Plastic - Clear Acrylic Roofing sheets


Acrylic roofing sheets are highly adaptable roofing sheets which offer UV protection and are highly durable. These roofing sheets are very cost effective and are available in a variety of colors and thickness. This type of roof is generally known as impact resistance and light weight.

Acrylic products are not only using for roofing purposes, but also commonly using for making medical devices, light pipes for LEDs, acrylic furniture, ornaments, aquariums, acrylic sinks/ bathtubs, display stands, photo frames and so on.


There are a wide range of various type roofing sheets available in the industry right now. The growth of technology in the modern world resulted in the evolution of various types of roofing sheets. Different variety of roofing makes your home and surroundings feel more elegant and beautiful. Let us look at various types of roofing sheets.


Corrugated Roofing Sheet

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Corrugated roofing sheets are those sheets commonly used in the outdoor sheds and porches. These sheets have wavy shapes which makes them more durable. Galvanized steel is the most commonly used base material in these roofing sheets. These sheets are durable for 5 to 10 years.


  • Eco friendly
  • Weather resistant


  • Corrosion
  • Not very durable compared to other roofing sheets


Polycarbonate sheets are transparent and flexible roofing sheets which are commonly using in a wide range of industries and large buildings. They are extremely weather resistant and UV light resistant. While comparing impact strength these sheets are the winner of this segment. Different types of polycarbonate sheet are available in the market, these are easily transformable into various shapes and can be cut easily with sharp tools.


  • Polycarbonate sheet is Durable and Versatile 
  • Polycarbonate sheet is flexible


  • Polycarbonate sheet turns yellow after few years
  • These sheets are not scratch resistant



Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofing sheets are the cheaply available roofing sheets which are made up of metals like aluminium, zinc…. etc. These roofing sheets are commonly used in garages, gardens and backyards. These sheets are very protective as they are highly resistant to cracks. These sheets have the ability to withstand fast winds.


  • Cost effective
  • High insulation from thunderstorms


  • These sheets get rust after few years
  • These sheets absorb heat 



Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets

Plastic roofing sheets are those sheets which are used to cover the temporary constructions, gardens etc.  These sheets are less durable and weather resistant compared to other roofing sheets. Plastic roof panels are durable according to the quality raw material used in the plastic.


  • Highly flexible
  • Available in various shapes and colors


  • Less durable and not weather resistant
  • These sheets are not eco-friendly



Glass roofing sheets

Glass roofing sheets are transparent and heavy glass sheets spread upon the frame of the roof. These roofing sheets are very expensive compared to other roofing sheets. They give a luxurious feel to the interiors of the house by allowing the passage of natural sunlight.


  • Reduces the need of artificial lighting
  • These sheets are eco-friendly


  • Very expensive 
  • The glass sheets fade in few years
  • Less durable



Pleasant Plastic - Clear Acrylic Roofing sheets

Acrylic sheets are more commonly using another type of roofing material for the time being, It has a wide variety of pantone color options which sets it apart from acrylic plastic from other thermoplastic materials. Acrylic sheets are available in different sizes so it’s tensile strength will be high according to the thickness.


Our acrylic roofing sheets are very important in the modern industry of roofing sheets. These sheets are very versatile which means they can be transformed into various shapes when heated. So they are known as thermoplastics. 

Poly (methyl methacrylate) is the chemical product used in acrylic roofing sheets which is very durable and transparent. These acrylic sheets are very damage resistant and lighter in weight compared to glass sheets. 

The acrylic materials used in these sheets are very solvent with adhesives and have high stiffness, for better bonding and minor leak we are using high quality acrylic sealant, in case of any active leaks due to physical damage in future can be easily solved by our technician. This acrylic sheet material is very much resistant to the impacts than other roofing sheets. 

We offer you these sheets in a variety of colors and also at various transparent shades, if you are specific about particular shape we can use acrylic laser cutting method and for an excellent finish we can depend acrylic polishing; which is more popular these days. These sheets are scratch resistant compared to other roofing sheets. Our acrylic roofing sheets can be used as an alternative to glass sheets as they are very much cheaper and lighter than glass. 

Our acrylic roofing sheets are known for its quality and excellent finishing. Our acrylic roofing sheets are very much sealed which ensures that you have a leakage free roof. Our acrylic roofing sheets are very much better than polycarbonate roofing sheets. 

These acrylic roofing sheets are shinier than polycarbonate sheets as well as they have equal strength and other features. 

We can provide you with clear pergola roofing sheets for your garden. Our acrylic sheets are different from plexiglass. Although they have more similarities than differences our sheets are manufactured differently than plexiglass. 

We can assure you that the choice you made for our acrylic roofing sheets will be the best.

  • Acrylic roofing sheets are maintenance free. These roofing sheets require only wiping with any common cloth to remove dirt. They do not require further expensive maintenance.
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are very much versatile which means when heated at a certain temperature, its shape can be changed. The scratches on these sheets also disappear when its physical form is changed
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are very durable and UV light resistant. These sheets are much lighter and damage resistant than glass sheets. These sheets are very cheap compared to glass sheets
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are said to be expensive compared to other roofing methods except from glass sheets.
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are less strong than polycarbonate sheets.
  • Acrylic sheets can be easily bent than polycarbonate sheets which may affect badly during the construction of this. 
  • One of the other minor disadvantages of these acrylic sheets is that for custom or eye catchy acrylic sheets, it is very expensive.

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  • Why is an acrylic sheet so expensive?

Acrylic sheets are thick sheets which are very durable and weather resistant. The manufacturing process of these sheets is more expensive than other sheets. But compared to glass sheets our acrylic sheeting are more durable and cheaper.

  • Does clear acrylic turn yellow?

No, our clear acrylic sheets do not turn yellow like polycarbonate sheets. We have protection layers on top of it which can withstand its transparency for up to 20 years.

  • What is the difference between acrylic and Perspex sheets?

Our acrylic sheets have similar properties compared to Perspex sheets. Perspex is the brand name given to acrylic roofing sheets by various companies.

  • Is polycarbonate heavier than acrylic?

Both of these sheets have common weight. Also, these sheets are very much lighter and stronger compared to glass sheets. 

  • plexiglass vs acrylic

Plexiglass is a brand of acrylic (PMMA) its basic product is completely colorless, but it can be acrylic colored.


From the above content we understood the relevance of acrylic roofing sheets in the modern world. Acrylic roofing sheets are an upcoming technology in the type of roof sheets, you should understand its features and think about using our sheets. 

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