Acrylic Canopy: The Complete Guide

Like we all know that acrylic is used for various purposes, Nowadays, they are also used in manufacturing canopies for better durability. 

Pleasant plastics is one of the famous acrylic fabricators in Dubai who provide various essential services with acrylic material. Pleasant plastic is also an acrylic company in Dubai that provides you with high-quality acrylic canopies which can be used in your homes and every building.

First, let us look at what a canopy is, and then we will discuss the various features and advantages of using acrylic canopy in your homes and buildings. 




A canopy is said as a structure of roofing material which can be cloth or canvas or any material which is built as an extension to the building surface in order to provide better protection to them from natural forces like rain and sunlight. They are commonly used on top of window sides and open spaces of a building to get shelter. Earlier only canvas or waterproof sheets were used for such purposes, but nowadays, there are many well-known companies like Pleasant plastics who provide the best acrylic sheets or acrylic awning services as an alternative to glass.

An acrylic canopy can be a translucent or transparent acrylic roofing sheet or acrylic fabrics coated in acrylic solution, which can be used as an extension for your roofs and windows. The main quality of these acrylic canopies is they provide better durability and convenience to their users.

Now let us look at the various properties of acrylic canopies or acrylic products.



The sheets made from acrylic plastic or fabrics dyed in acrylic solution are used as the roofing material for acrylic canopy or acrylic awning. So these materials depict all the characteristics of acrylic products which can be used as a replacement for glass.


Acrylic canopies are very much durable like other acrylic panels. They are very strong compared to other roofing sheets. These canopies can be used for the long term, like every acrylic material. The manufacturing process of our acrylic products is well-organised step by step to minimize defects and maintain quality.


We provide you with acrylic canopies in a wide range of colour choices. You can select the colour choice of your mind and make it your awning for your beautiful house. We are sure that the vibrant sets of colours we provide definitely meet your desire and give a premium look to your home.


Acrylic canopies are very lightweight than other awning materials. This itself is one of the major characteristics of every acrylic product. When compared to glass sheets, acrylic sheets are far much lighter and will not break easily. So it is convenient to install these canopies for your house.


These acrylic canopies or awnings provide you protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These clear sheets are available in transparent and semi-translucent colours which will not allow the harmful rays of the sun to pass through it than natural light. 


Acrylic canopies can be said to be versatile, as these materials only change their form when heated. You can easily bend these canopies according to your desire through acrylic bending and moulding.

 These characteristics of acrylic canopies provide various advantages and disadvantages to their users. Let us look at it.



  •  Like we said above, the durability of these acrylic canopies are unmatchable with that of any product. These canopies are very durable for a couple of years so that you won’t need to bother about them for a long time after installation. These sheets are suitable for any weather conditions, which makes them less depreciable.
  •  The clear, hard acrylic canopies are very much resistant to impacts to a certain extent. They can’t be manipulated with small impacts. This makes us confident to use it anywhere under the sky.
  •  These clear acrylic canopies are also scratch-resistant, which is a part of their durability. Although, if there is any chance of scar occurrence, you can fix it using a heating process. This scratch resistance or abrasion resistance is an important advantage of acrylic canopies.
  •  The resistance to UV light of these acrylic canopies is also one of its major advantages. It helps in preventing these harmful rays from reaching us, thereby reducing the cause of sunburn and cancer.
  •  Acrylic canopies also dominate the industry with their stunning advantage of easy maintenance. These canopies provide the advantage of less maintenance to its customers, thereby making it more attractive.


These products provide a number of advantages over glass. There are also certain manageable disadvantages caused by these acrylic canopies or awnings. Let us look at it.



  •  The first time installation of these acrylic canopies may be a difficult task. Like the proverb says “better things take time”, as there is a need to install it properly with awning frames which should last for a long period of time, it takes more time. The proper installation and acrylic welding process is the major cause of time consumption in this process.
  •  One of the other disadvantages of these acrylic canopies is that they are quite expensive than other canopies or awnings, like acrylic furniture. But it is not that much expensive, slight adjustable price variations are only there. The cost of these acrylic canopies is compensated by its numerous advantages.

These are the only disadvantages of acrylic canopies over other canopy materials, which are quite manageable.

Pleasant plastics also provide various services like acrylic laser cutting, which helps to transform the acrylic sheets into the desired form. We also provide acrylic polishing to certain products, which will be a major change to your things. More than that, we are the only firm in Dubai that provides these services at affordable rates and quality. We are well known for our acrylic painting and designing, which is our masterpiece. We also design an acrylic box that can suit your mind. Furthermore, we can also assure you that the services we provide will be the best in the segment.



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