Different Types of Display in Visual Merchandising


What is Visual Merchandising

Always presenting a product or Service to our market is the key success of business. When you get into a physical store you could find several examples for this. The ultimate goal of visual merchandising is to improve the sales by attracting people. To attain this the merchandiser will transform every single element of his store in order to gain the customer’s attention. These elements can be as follows:

  • In store displays
  • Interactive displays
  • Installation of the windows
  • Shelving
  • Point of sale displays
  • Price tickets
  • Promotional or seasonal displays
  • Posters

Benefits of Visual Merchandising


We will have a look at the core benefits of visual merchandising

1. Branding

When considering a business, branding is a vital part for its growth. As we all know this acts as one important element in strengthening the basement of a business. With the displays used in visual merchandising. This will register your brand in the customer’s mind.

2. Customer Engagement

Displays can engage customers. We have seen that shopping malls and big brands are using custom displays to promote their specific products. In many situations customers are attracted to the store because of this display. This can make a positive customer experience by making a good impression.

3. Sales Growth

Of Course a good purchase experience can drive more revenue. And it will make the customers visit the store again for their next purchase.

Types of Displays in Visual Merchandising

It is important to know which kind of display suits best for your business needs. Just have a look and understand the types of displays used in visual merchandising. Also consider some acrylic display stands.

1. POP

These are used widely in almost every retail store.
This will increase the possibilities of impulse purchase.
Usually these kinds of displays will be placed on high traffic areas like cash counters. This will gain the customers attention and lead to an impulse purchase.

2. Gondola

Gondola shelving is a cost effective method. These are two-sided, free standing objects. So they work best in the retail store entity. As they are free-standing, it can be moved around to suit your space. This has made up of steel that help to arrange heavy goods grocery stores often use them to display tinned products.

3. Table Displays

If someone owns a smaller merchandise store and is looking for a display unit that fulfill his needs, then table display would be an appropriate option.
You can create an inviting tableau of items to attract your customers to make a purchase. Placing a table display somewhere at the entrance would help generate sales. 

4. Peg Boards

It is a kind of fiber board with small holes. If you want to display, small products or hook anything the Peg Boards will be a perfect fit. Peg Boards holes accept hooks and various items such as tools in workshops etc.

5. Grid Walls

Retailers who have a conserve space and what to showcase their product, Grid wall will be a right choice. This is an effective and bootstrapping plan to utilize wall and floor space. This will also offer flexibility.

Display Visual Merchandising Techniques


Visual Merchandising has its uttermost importance considering the sales of the business.
To win the heart of customers, Visual Merchandising needs to be done more efficiently and techniques need to be followed for the best result. Get some acrylic products

Here are few Techniques that you can consider:

1. Consider Your Target Audience While Displaying Products

Whenever we are planning for displaying our products we need to consider the behaviour of the customer and the lifestyle of the target audience. This will help them to relate the product with them self and create a purchasing intent which is our motive

2. Avoid Clutter and Chaos in Displays


Cluttered and overwhelmed displays can confuse the store visitors and tend them to walk away from the store. Even Though if your product is of high value and and great quality, if its display is chaos there are chances of high percentage of people leaving us without reason and retaining the customer will be difficult task.

3. Pay Focus on Window Display

Window Display is really going to attract more audience as it can attract foot traffic. If at all a pedestrian, don’t have an intention to buy from you, if your window traffic is alluring, there are chances of getting sales. Display need to be made clean, attractive and generate an emotional impact.

4. Tell a Story and Appeal the Sense

If your product has a seasonal market, make sure to connect the visual display to a story relating to the season, with unifying the signage, color, product etc. The display should look, appealing and fresh. The story narrative need not be very complicated, it should be something like ‘MonsoonMagic’, ‘BacktoSchool’ etc.

5. Use Right Tools

Among the FMCG industry, the top tools that are used in Display of their products are Standy, Coolers, Banner, Posters, Signage etc. Make the right display of each tool and have a proper plan of communication while using these tools.

Every successful business wants to convert the footfalls to customers. Visual Merchandising is a great way of advertising your product and creating an emotional connection that would help the footfall to buy your product. This is the best tool in increasing customer experience in your store.

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