On all of our acrylic sheets, we offer a full in-house bending service; there are no minimum orders, and we can do one-off prototypes as well as massive production deployments. Acrylic bending is accomplished by heating the acrylic sheet, which causes the heated portion to become thermoformable, allowing it to be bent and twisted into the desired shape. Pleasant Plastic offers acrylic products of various shapes and sizes.

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Because heat softens acrylic without discoloring it, acrylic bending opens up a world of possibilities. This allows you to create a variety of magnificent DIY acrylic products ranging from a transparent side table to a tinted acrylic box cabinet to a well-organized cosmetic box to a helpful laptop or tablet holder. In DIY acrylic bending, the acrylic bending tools used are a convention oven and hair dryer with which acrylic can be bent effortlessly into desired shapes.

However, if you need a piece of expert advice and assistance in designing your acrylic cabinets and other beneficial acrylic products, Pleasant Plastic has all ears to your needs. We extend our services to provide the finest acrylic bending services with modern acrylic bending machines.

Line bending is a technique for bending an acrylic sheet into a sharp curve. The breadth of the heated area can be adjusted to control the bend’s radius. An extremely intense and precise bend can be achieved by routing a V-groove into the acrylic before bending. Nichrome wire, infrared, rods, and wide strips can all be employed as heating components. Acrylic bending is achieved by heating the region to be bent until it is malleable, then cooling the sheet in a fixture.

Depending on the thickness of the acrylic, the acrylic manufacturers adjust the heating duration, element temperature, and distance from the heat source to avoid blistering, bubbling, stress, and cracks. The bending would be done in a direction opposite to the heat source. 

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