How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home?

Acrylic nails are one of the most trendy nail art done by fashion-seeking ladies worldwide. Many people end up breaking their nails by trying to remove their artificial nails at home. Here we will look at some of the Do It Yourself (DIY) tricks to remove acrylic nails.

Pleasant plastics is one of the most trusted acrylic fabricators in Dubai which offers various acrylic products and services. It is also the most popular acrylic company in Dubai.

Although we don’t provide products or services related to acrylic nails, this blog will help you to find different ways to remove acrylic or fake nails at home.


What Is Acrylic Nails?

What Is Acrylic Nails - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic nails are those products made of acrylic plastic and is used to extend your nails as nail extensions and make them more beautiful. Unlike other nail products, these nails are expensive and are recommended by experts over other nail tips like gel nails or fiberglass.

It is highly recommended to use professional help to apply and remove acrylic nails but you can also do it at your home with various products like UV light, nail glue and acrylic nail liquid.

Professionals recommend using these acrylic nails for only upto two weeks at a stretch and give your nails a short break for a couple of months to maintain good nail health.

This break time will help your nails rejuvenate and grow into healthy nails. 

The most attractive point New with acrylic nails is that they come in various attractive shapes and designs. It will give your nails a glow unlike other nails and synthetic materials.

You can refer to the top 10 acrylic craft ideas from our acrylics website to know various creative techniques with acrylic products.


Best Ways To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

Acrylic nails last for a longer period as they incur similar properties to acrylic sheets. The only problem with that is as it stays longer on your real nails, it becomes tougher to remove. So experts recommend changing your acrylic nails at regular intervals.

The removal of these acrylic nails is a daunting task as it is made of acrylic material. The best removal option for these nails is to consult a professional or salon. This is the most suggested method but it is quite expensive.

But don’t worry, you can remove these fake nails at home through various techniques.

There are three main reasons to remove acrylic nails. They are:


ⅰ. To get your natural nails back

ⅱ. To save money

ⅲ. To save time

Because of these reasons, people try to remove their fake nails at home. Now let us look at some of the techniques to remove acrylic nails at home.

Various techniques using acetone nail polish remover are performed by some of the ladies to remove acrylic nails.

Scratch away as many fake nails as you can:

 - Pleasant Plastic

You can try to break and remove as many acrylic nails as you can from your fingers without causing any damage. Don’t force too much to remove the acrylic nail causing your natural nail to get damaged.

In this first step, you are removing only the outermost layer of the acrylic nails. There are various other processes to remove acrylic nails completely and effectively.

Dip your nails completely in acetone:

Dip your nails completely in acetone - Pleasant Plastic

You can do this step in two methods. First of all, you should take a bowl of 100 percent acetone and dip your damaged nails completely in it. This will soak your nails with acetone and help in removing the rest of the acrylic nails stuck on your hands.

The other method of dipping your nails in acetone is done by using the aluminum foil method and a piece of cotton balls. 

You should dip the piece of cotton balls completely in acetone and place it over your nails. Now use the foil paper to seal it over your nails.

Make sure to keep the sealed foil paper over your nails for 30 minutes to remove all the left-over particles.

Scratch away the remaining pieces of acrylic nails:

After the above step, your solid acrylic nails will be dissolved. 

Now you can use any buffing object or tools to scratch away the remaining portions of your fake nails. If it is still stuck over your nails, try soaking it again in acetone and then repeat this step.

Necessary steps to get the glow of your nails back:

Necessary steps to get the glow of your nails back - Pleasant Plastic

This is the final step in this complete process. You can use any hand cream to moisturise your nails and bring back the glow. 

We recommend you do this step with the help of a professional nail salon for better results. 

There are several ways like paraffin treatment to bring back the natural glow of your dime nails.

Pleasant plastics not only provide acrylic roofing sheets but also offer enormous services like acrylic bending and acrylic laser cutting in Dubai.



ⅰ. Is acetone harmful to your nails?

Acetone is only harmful when you are regularly exposed to it. It is usually used as an acetone-based nail polish remover to remove nail damage from nails. 

It removes a microlayer of your nails when soaked. 

Acetone is a solvent that dissolves many fats, resins and chemicals.

ⅱ. Are plexiglass and acrylic the same?

There is no difference between plexiglass and acrylic. Plexiglass is one of the monopolistic brand names given to an acrylic roofing sheet. The materials used in creating both the sheets are the same concerning characteristics.

Pleasant plastics offer a lot of acrylic or plexiglass products and services in Dubai. You can get premium services from us to fulfil any of your needs.

ⅲ. What are the side effects of removing acrylic nails?

There are no major side effects on removing these fake nails. Some of the minor side effects of removing these fake nails are the reduction of glow on your natural nails and increased time for natural nail growth.

The main problem is associated with using acrylic nails continuously while giving time for the natural nail bed to rejuvenate.



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