Top 10 Acrylic Lighting Ideas

12 Jun    Acrylic

In today’s time, acrylic has become an amazing replacement for glass. It is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer which is usually known as plexiglass. Acrylic today can be used in different manners like in lights, keychains, tables, various tools and LED screens. It is easily available and is very inexpensive.

It is a nice replacement to Polycarbonate if the strength of the material is not being considered as an element. It is a very useful material for the applications that need transparency and where the effect of resistance is not an issue. It has the ability to get cut into various forms by advanced technology so that it can be converted into several acrylic products like acrylic light fixtures. Acrylic laser cutting in Dubai is one of the best where you will find the acrylics being cut with perfect finish and getting transformed into Acrylic Furniture or any other product. 

There are various types of Acrylic sheets like Clear Acrylic sheeting, White acrylic sheeting, Colored acrylic sheeting, Mirror acrylic sheeting, Light diffusing acrylic and many more. These are used to prepare different types of Acrylic products such as acrylic furniture, acrylic tables and many more. You can opt for the best Acrylic company in Dubai, if you want to attain the best designs and lights for your living room, or want to make a modern bathroom. 

In this article, you will get to know about 10 various acrylic lighting ideas. Let’s have a look upon some of them that will assist you in making the interior of your house look like a piece of art. 

Acrylic Lighting Ideas


1. Crystal Wood Acrylic Lights Chandelier

Pleasant Plastic - Crystal Wood Acrylic lights Chandelier

This is one of the most beautiful acrylic light designs. These lights will throw patterns into your hallway, it is like a confetti cube. Chandeliers come in various designs and shapes and you can choose the best one for your interior. These lights are accent pieces and will make your home look more sophisticated than ever. Hang this light fixture in your ceiling and look at your house all glowing up. This Acrylic lighting is one of the most beautiful ideas that you can execute in your place.

2. Creative 3D Acrylic Frame Night Lamp

Pleasant Plastic - Creative 3D Acrylic Frame Night lamp

You can use this piece of art as a night lamp in your bedroom or your living room. You can make personalized designs on this lamp or have it made in custom shapes that suits the surrounding where you place. It is a simple design but will throw a look of class in your bedroom. It will provide you with the perfect amount of light you would need during the night. This light can complement the area where you place it during night. All you have to do is connect it with an USB cable through an electric outlet to switch it on. 

3. LED Acrylic Wall Sconce Light Fixture

Pleasant Plastic - LED Acrylic Wall Sconce Light Fixture

This LED acrylic wall sconce is one of the most ideal for your wall lightning. It consumes the power of 6W. This light is far more useful and magnificent than you can imagine. It is perfect for you as it will make the interior of your space look beautiful and not only this, but will also help you in saving more than 90% of power usage. This lighting fixture is surface mounted and does not have the requirement to be hard wired. So, to make your living room look amazing, this is one of the best ideas for you to implement. 

4. Siluett Lamp

Pleasant Plastic - Siluett Lamp

Siluett lamps have a clean-cut, contemporary design style. This will add another level of charm in your space. In this lamp, the graphic outline of a map has been enhanced into a 3-dimensional form by using acrylic plastic material. The expression of this light will keep changing with respect to the angle of the view. It creates an illusion of light on the wall and the objects near it. It will provide your home with a modern look and will be extremely attractive to the eye. You can use this in your bedroom, your child’s bedroom or your living room, it will add a touch of magnificence wherever you place it. 

5. Round Nordic Acrylic Ceiling Light

Pleasant Plastic - Round Nordic Acrylic Ceiling Light

This modern LED light is completely ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and many other places providing a feeling of sophistication. It has wooden rims on its edges which adds a beautiful look to the light. It has a remote-control dimmer switch which will allow you to adjust its light according to the amount of light that you require, and which also provide good amounts of light. This not only provides you with a wonderful lighting effect but also a beautiful decorative effect. This is one of the best acrylic light design ideas that you should use for your home. To give your house a subtle look, you can without any doubt choose this for yourself.

6. Waterproof Modern Cosmetic Acrylic Wall Lamp

Pleasant Plastic -Waterproof Modern Cosmetic Acrylic Wall Lamp

This Acrylic wall lamp is perfectly ideal for a modern bathroom. You can place it above the bathroom light or bathroom sink for acquiring the best display of the light. It has a painted light source included in it. It is waterproof so there is no worries for you in that section, it provides a modern and classy look to your bathroom. You can easily get ready in your bathroom with the amount of light it provides. You can also get these lights in custom shapes according to your wish. 

7. Adjustable Neutral Acrylic Wall Sconce Modern LED Vanity Lights

Pleasant Plastic - Adjustable Neutral Acrylic Wall Sconce Modern LED Vanity Lights

This modern adjustable Neutral acrylic wall LED vanity light will provide a very subtle and a new design to your bathroom. The best part of this vanity light is that it comes with a 180° rotatable hinge, which gives you the liberty to adjust the lighting in any way you wish according to your convenience. As it is waterproof, it will not be an issue if you place it in damp locations. It has LED bulbs which provide a warm feeling. This Vanity light idea is perfect for you, if you want to provide an ergonomic appearance to your bathroom. 

8. Acrylic Butterfly Suspension Pendant Light

Pleasant Plastic - Acrylic Butterfly Suspension Pendant Light

This Acrylic Lighting Fixture is completely ideal for your bedroom, you can also suspend them in your drawing room or living room. This might also look beautiful if you hang it above your dining room table. This is a beautifully structured pendant light that will make the interior of your home look attractive and will light up your bedroom in the perfect way. All you need to do is suspend it in the place you like and then watch it make your house glow. One can definitely choose this idea of acrylic lighting. 

9. Modern Acrylic Chandeliers Aluminum Pendant Lights with Rings

Pleasant Plastic - Modern Acrylic Chandeliers Aluminum Pendant Lights with Rings

These modern and trendy acrylic lights are perfect for dining rooms, it has the design of six rings, which provides its complete look. It will make your home look as beautiful as it is, this light has a golden frame color, which itself portrays class. Its LED light will provide you with a warm surrounding. The ergonomic, twist and lock design of this pendant light will enhance the appearance of your dining area or your living area to another level.

10. Designer Heracleum Chandelier Acrylic Light Fixture

Pleasant Plastic - Designer Heracleum Chandelier Acrylic Light Fixture

This designer Heracleum chandelier is the right choice for your living room, it will provide the most perfect look to your living area. It has a clear glass shade, has a fine acrylic polishing and has a round shape of canopy. This piece of art is the perfect lighting idea that you should choose for your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are acrylic materials non-conductive?

No, the acrylic material is a conductive material. If you need non-conductivity, then you can apply a spray-coating for that. 

  • Are acrylic lights available in Different colors?

Yes, the acrylic lights are available in various colors.

  • Is acrylic plastic melting at normal heat?

No, it does not melt at normal heat. It might soften a bit but will never melt. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of acrylic lighting ideas available in the market today, you just have to make the right choice according to the kind of surroundings you have. All the ideas mentioned above will provide an attractive look to your place. You have to find the right acrylic lighting fixture and the best company that does the best Acrylic Bending and Molding so that you receive the best lighting fixtures that provides you the perfect Acrylic Display.

 In these modern times, we all need to keep up with the trend so that our house looks perfectly maintained and gives the perfect vibe. This is why you can take the assistance of the best Acrylic Company in Dubai, because it will provide you with the exact lighting fixture that you are looking for with the best quality. It will work according to your needs and requirements. So, without much ado, select one to develop the appearance of your house. also read our blog post Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners


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