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Pleasant Acrylic offers end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling and plastics production services. We take pride not just in the quality of our work but the delivery of our customers’ orders on time. To provide the best for our customers, we started a new division at Pleasant Acrylic which extrude PMMA to bring the highest quality extruded acrylic sheets to the UAE market.

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Top-10-Acrylic-Lighting-Ideas - Pleasant Acrylic
Jun 12

Top 10 Acrylic Lighting Ideas

In today’s time, acrylic has become an amazing replacement for glass. It is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer which is usually known as plexiglass. Acrylic today can be used in different manners like in lights, keychains, tables, various tools and LED screens. It is easily available and is very inexpensive. It is a nice replacement to […]

Pleasant Plastic - Clear Acrylic Roofing sheets
May 17

Things To Know About Clear Acrylic Roofing Sheets

WHAT IS ACRYLIC ROOFING SHEETS?   Acrylic roofing sheets are highly adaptable roofing sheets which offer UV protection and are highly durable. These roofing sheets are very cost effective and are available in a variety of colors and thickness. This type of roof is generally known as impact resistance and light weight. Acrylic products are […]

How to Use Acrylic Panels at Home
Apr 16

How to Use Acrylic Panels at Home?

What are Acrylic Panels? Acrylic panels are the greatest level of plastics you can find. Such panels are thermoplastic and are similar to glass. Some acrylic panels for walls also have optical value like glass. Other benefits include allowing light to transmit through them, resits weather conditions, and reflect sounds. Besides, the acrylic panels for […]