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Being a renowned Acrylic manufacturing company in Dubai, we offer comprehensive product design, engineering, Acrylic production, and tooling services. Our firm is involved in the design and manufacturing of a plethora of Acrylic products like Acrylic signage, Acrylic furniture, kiosks, Acrylic 3D letters, shoe racks, Acrylic boxes, Acrylic aquariums, Acrylic frames, Acrylic storage boxes, etc.

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We own the tag of the pioneered Acrylic Company Dubai, with specialists in the Acrylic segment to offer a wide range of manufacturing services like heat/line Acrylic bending and Acrylic drape forming. Our precise Acrylic fabrication methods let you achieve the Acrylic product designs you demand. Get our quality expert services like Acrylic cutting, Acrylic bending, Acrylic moulding, Acrylic designing, Acrylic engraving, Acrylic painting, Acrylic polishing, etc.

  • Acrylic Bending & Molding
  • Acrylic Design & Printing
  • Acrylic Cutting & Polishing
  • Acrylic Engraving & Etching

Acrylic Bending

With value added Acrylic bending services, we enable softening and bending of Acrylic to give it a specific shape. Get quality-finished heat shaped acrylic products to give it the structure you desire. 





Acrylic Molding

Get spectacular acrylic molded parts as per your requirement and experience the best dimensional stability. We are concerned about the delivery of scratch-resistant and quality-centric acrylic products with our reliable acrylic molding services.





Acrylic Design

We work to meet your expectations in taking the acrylic design requirements and make sure you get what you crave for. Being the best acrylic fabricator in Dubai, we offer high-end acrylic design and fabrication services tailored to your needs.





Acrylic Printing

With unique acrylic printing services, we give you acrylic prints of impressive colors and life-like quality. Give life to your pictures with the superior finish that our acrylic custom prints can offer. 





Acrylic Cutting

Our specialists indulge in professional quality acrylic laser cutting services and CNC cutting services to serve customers the best. We give you great experience through the most reliable acrylic laser cut products.





Acrylic Polishing

At Pleasant Plastic, we have the top acrylic polishing services to present clearest and smooth finish to the acrylic products. We build high-end methods to build acrylic products with the shine and texture you wish.





Acrylic Engraving

Our acrylic engraving services focus on creating a range of custom designs on acrylic sheets to meet your needs. We manage intricate and complicated patterns for acrylic engraving with high quality laser technique.





Acrylic Etching

We offer acrylic laser etching services to offer a long-lasting acrylic marking for your products. Get our acrylic etching services to mark serial numbers, barcodes, logos, etc. As you wish.





Acrylic Painting Ideas

Similar to any stationery item, the painting colors also come in several variants. Some of the prominent role players in painting include


Types Of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic or Plexiglass is a common type of plastic popular for its glossy feature, great impact resistance, and exceptional scratch resistance.


Acrylic Laser Cutting

If you know the effort behind dragging a saw through the edges of an acrylic sheet. As an acrylic company in Dubai,


Remove Scratches From Acrylic

How to Remove Scratches From Acrylic or Plexiglass Acrylic or Plexiglass is a kind of plastic commonly utilized


What makes us unique

Pleasant plastic has extended solutions such as Acrylic manufacturing, design, fabrication, wholesale and other Acrylic related processes paving the way to rise as the best Acrylic fabricators in Dubai. Pleasant Plastic has been earmarked as the most reliable Acrylic company Dubai due to its adherence to the quality standards and customizations to fulfill the requirements of customers.




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At Pleasant Plastic, we behold expertise in advanced laser cutting, CNC cutting, laser engraving, and LED lighting solutions to create distinctive Acrylic products for a multitude of industries. We have gained an edge over the competition being one of the most-in-demand Acrylic wholesalers engaged in delivering top-notch Acrylic products for various industries.

With advanced techniques adopted for Acrylic Fabrication Dubai, we understand the diversities of contexts and practical applications of Acrylic products that make them versatile to be utilized in various business and personal applications.

With the diverse collection of Acrylic based products and the Acrylic fabrication services we deliver to the businesses of various segments, our performance surpassed that of the other Acrylic fabrication companies in Dubai.

Our impressive custom Acrylic signage services are highly used by various businesses for promotions and exceptional visibility, which also adds value to the firm as a versatile Acrylic signboard company.

We listen to all that you require and adopt the custom product development strategies to ensure that your Acrylic products or services are delivered in time, which makes us the most trusted Custom Acrylic fabrication company in Dubai.




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“Very Excellent and professional service they are providing. Good customer service and quality of the products just outstanding….”


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“Brilliant item very helpful at the office and overall fantastic service, the only ones that would deliver to us on the Isle of Wight. Highly recommend.”


Production Manager at Abu Dhabi

“I found what I needed easily on the website, ordered it, and it was exactly what I wanted. Very good price, well packaged, and dispatched promptly. Top marks all round.”


Production Supervisor at Dubai

“One of the BEST Company in Acrylic field in the UAE. Very good product finishing which satisfy every customer needs. I suggest every one and my friends to have a look on this beautiful company.”


Designer at Abu Dhabi

“Product arrived in good time and in good condition.”

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