Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Acrylic Sheets

5 Jan    Acrylic

What are Acrylic Sheets?


Acrylite is another name in terms of the brand for an acrylic sheet. Other names include Lucite, Perspex and Plexiglas. This material is famous for the gloss that shines. It also has great power to prevent impacts and scratches. The item has the skill to bear higher weight when compared to polycarbonate. In short, it is the strongest material available. Each sector needs a particular kind of acrylic to complete its production. You must go through this post carefully if you want to know about the right types of acrylic sheets. After you read this post you can build that ideal product using your favourite design. You can also read about acrylic laser engraving

Different Types of Acrylic Sheets

The coloured acrylic is the first kind of acrylic sheet we will learn about. When you want sheets that have all the shades that are on earth, then this sheet offers to you exactly that. You can choose from twenty different shades. Now you can get optical benefits and super strength in a colourful way. As a bonus, there is fluorescence in some of these sheets. They glow in the dark to give that ethereal effect on your acrylic products.

1. Clear


One of the most usual kind is the clear acrylic sheet. This kind is highly remarkable in terms of the dimension types. Its thickness falls within the ranges from four inches to one by twenty-fifth of the inch. And the width ranges from 3 ft to 10 ft. The lengths ranges fall between 4 ft to 12 and a half feet. Hence almost all known design dimensions can use these varied dimensions to build the ideal product. Clear acrylic sheets are using different areas like clear acrylic roofing sheets, acrylic sinks/ bathtubs and acrylic fish tanks etc.

2. Textured

There are types of acrylic sheets that are both strong and good looking. It is in fact used instead of glass for several productions. The textured acrylics are used as separations in between any room, patio table or cabinet. It is used since the material withstands force and allows maximum light to pass.

3. Impact Altered

Do you know that acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass? Yes. That’s why although it doesn’t have great impact resistance it is preferred over glass. Altered acrylic has the power to increase such impact resistance skills. This material is similar to polycarbonate. The best part here is that this material also offers optical clarity, weather-resistance and budget-friendliness.

4. Anti-Static

We all know that acrylics offer extreme safety to several varieties of electrical parts. Even then many are scared of the acrylics electrostatic power. These discharges can be adversarial to the electrical parts. This one bears a transparent cover around it. The cover prevents any electrostatic discharge. Another advantage is that this covering is permanent. Hence no humidity can affect the electrical parts in anyways.

5. Lucite Blocks

If you want to complete work that needs detailed lighting works then this sheet will work wonders. The sheet creates a balanced diffusion for glowing. It does this by embedding LED lights in the material in a direct way. It also helps you to consistently keep the same shade for transmission. This is possible notwithstanding the light source for outdoor as well as indoor projects.

6. Abrasion Resisting

Acrylics in the past were bombarded by the abrasions. Hence, a new product which has two coats on it offers matchless durability. Scuffs or scratches can no longer alter your products. The public environment needs such sturdy materials. Moreover, the material offers resistance to damaging and abrasive chemicals.

7. Solar Tints


Ultraviolet rays can harm precious stuff. This is now not an issue after the advent of the solar tint coats on acrylics. Plus, this material lowers the costs by controlling the temperatures in any building. Thus, this sheet offers awesome safety from the suns harmful rays. As an added advantage here the sheet will not create bubbles or peels as it weathers.

8. Mirror Acrylics

These sheets offer a great reflecting surface in places that suffer the highest stress and is a service-related place. Plus, you can choose from 14 types of shades.

9. White

There may be applications where you need non-regular dimensions. You may also need opaque products for such applications. In this situation, you can use white acrylics. These sheets sometimes look black but turn white under LED lights. Hence, now you got another product for creating outdoor signs or ads. This is one of the best product using for Acrylic Lights, Being sensitive to light they are visible only with the LED light.

Main Properties of Acrylic Sheets

You must be knowing that the acrylic sheet has these main properties. It is a transparent plastic substance. Plus the substance is strong, stiff and has optical clarity. You can fabricate the sheet easily. It also bonds properly with most adhesive or solvent. You can thermoform this material, too. When you compare it with other plastics these sheets possess superior weathering properties. Also read the types of displays in visual visual merchandising.

Best Uses for Acrylic Sheets

Mostly the sheets are used in the construction industry. Moreover, now buildings defy the logic of physics. Thus, they now require a tough material. Hence acrylic sheets are used for glazing for commercial and structural areas. You can create the display and point of sale. Additionally, now you can also use them for exhibiting stuff, trade shows or any convention display. The machine shop also uses them. Besides, definitely plastic and metal fabrication jobs need them. People also use them for recreation and signage jobs.

How to Cut an Acrylic Sheet?

  • Place the material on to any flat surface
  • First, begin measuring a line using a yardstick
  • Start drawing a line using the yardstick with a marker
  • The line will guide you to cut the material properly
  • Now start scoring on the sheet using a utility blade while pressing the yardstick on the drawn line
  • Repeat the scoring for ten and twelve times
  • Check if there is a correct groove on the material
  • Change the side of the material and begin scoring that side in the same manner
  • Start clamping the sheet with the drawn line facing the work areas edge
  • Then use a strong downward pushing movement for snapping the area in the sheet which exceeds the work area.
  • The material will snap away according to the desired measurements.


Acrylics come in many types and now you know about most of them. You can boldly pick up the right acrylic type to finish your tasks. The post also taught you how to cut acrylic sheet types using simple procedures. Additionally, you learned about the various uses of acrylic sheet and the properties of acrylic sheet types.

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