While photographers and designers have been utilizing acrylic prints to showcase their work for years, the general public is still unfamiliar with this mind-blowing technique. It’s time to define acrylic prints, the different sorts of acrylic prints available at Pleasant Plastic, and how you may generate custom acrylic prints from existing artwork. Never hesitate to rely on our advanced acrylic services, including acrylic direct printing, when you are in a need.

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The main advantage of acrylic direct printing is that it is light, impact-resistant, and long-lasting. As opposed to glass, which has a moisture-repellent silicate surface that is more difficult to print on, acrylic products are more responsive to direct print processes like acrylic UV printing.

Direct printing is a method of machine printing on acrylic. The end product is a waterproof, sign-quality image that can be used for exhibits, advertisements boards, and signage. While direct printing is frequently the most cost-effective method of showing a photograph or print, it is not a gallery-quality display. It also has a substantially shorter lifespan than its face-mounted equivalent. Face mounting also called sticker printing, which involves permanently attaching the print’s face to the acrylic and supporting it with a board and an aluminum subframe producing a museum-quality display. It’s also waterproof and long-lasting, so you can enjoy it in vivid color or magnificent greyscale for decades.

Traditional photo frames lack the sleek, modern appearance that custom acrylic prints provide. This is especially true for large prints, which can distort or wrinkle over time in typical frames. An acrylic print not only protects the print but also accentuates the image. Big acrylic prints give a contemporary “frameless” appearance instead of staring at an image through a pane of glass surrounded by a bulky frame. Best of all, our acrylics are moisture-resistant and, with proper care, may last a lifetime. Pleasant Plastic takes pride in providing the best acrylic services in creative printing and designing.

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