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Sep 14

Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners

Like any other stationery item or anything in general, painting colors also consist of many variants. Acrylic is the most commonly used variant, which is cost-effective and easy to use and so is loved by artists and suitable ideas for beginners.

Acrylic is a substance made up of plasticizers, stabilizers, metal soaps, defoamers, and silicone oils; its pigment is suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. It can be used for various purposes. 

Pleasant Plastic is one of the famous Acrylic Company in Dubai, manufactures wide variety of acrylic products. Acrylic Paint is water-based or water-soluble. A substance that is quick-drying but becomes water-resistant after drying. Some good-quality acrylic paints are also light and heat resistant after they’re dry.

A few of the properties of acrylic paint are that it dries too fast, is easy to use on all types of substances like walls, glass surfaces, acrylic surfaces, acrylics on wood, metal, ceramics, fabric, or paper canvas. It’s non-toxic, pigmented, and easy to use. Its versatile nature makes it every artist’s first choice. No matter where you derive inspiration from to get started on the abstract nature of painting, art is something that conquers everyone’s heart. It unites different people from various walks of life.

Top acrylic painting ideas for beginners

As a beginner, one needs to have some basic supplies and simple techniques to get abstract painting ideas, which are as follows:

1. Acrylic Colors

Acrylic Colors - Pleasant Plastic

This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of getting started in painting. However, there are a lot of parameters on how to select the right colors for beginners. To clear the air, here’s the way out. So, most brands have two variants: Student’s color for beginner artists and Artist’s quality color. Both of them differ in quality and price. If you are on a tight budget, then go for student colors, while if you can afford to splurge a little more, you can pick an artist’s color. You can also buy 2-3 colors from both the variants to test out for yourself and decide which one you like to invest further. The two pigments also vary; one artist is intensely pigmented while the other is less pigmented. Colors are available in tubes, jars, or bottles. While we talk about the size, it ranges from 20z to 32z & it’s advised to go for smaller sizes as a beginner because a 20z tube goes a long way.

2. Paint Brushes

While selecting from an array of brushes, choose those that bounce back when bent for confident brush strokes. Considering the cost factor, it’s likely that the cheaper ones will have a fall out of bristles while better quality will do the job. You need a round brush for backgrounds, flat brush ones for simple shape, a pointed brush for precision, a fan brush to blend colors, and a splatter brush for other detailing.

3. Palette

The paint palette should be selected in criteria wherein it’s flat and large enough for basic color mixing and easy to clean after usage. An acrylic material palette is long-lasting, and buying it will be an investment as it doesn’t scrape. For beginner painters, any cost-effective palette would work with the mentioned requirements. There are specialized palettes for advanced artists who don’t let the paint dry out quickly (which reduces the wastage) and work for longer hours. 

4. Painting on Canvas

Painting on Canvas - Pleasant Plastic

Any stationery shop would provide a cotton canvas pre-primed with the best gesso, to begin with, while you can also consider buying primer oil to re-prime the canvas for extra satisfaction in your painting. Just make sure it’s thick enough to hold and absorb the paint and create tension on all the edges of the canvas so that it’s easy to paint. An absorbent paper, acrylic paper, or abrasive paper is all for paper towels Alternatively a few options on the list. If you have a budget, go for an acrylic panels (acrylic plastic) to hold your canvas.

5. Paper Towels

This is used for wiping the brushes in between as you wash them. But there are techniques created by artists with which you can create designs with a paper towel.

6. Masking Tape

Masking Tape - Pleasant Plastic

It’s the tape that you cover all the edges of the canvas before painting and remove it later to get that perfect face of your painting.

7. A bowl of water

Well, this probably doesn’t need any explanation as its use is quite apparent. Any paint would require some water to dilute the paint, mix two colors, and finally clean the brush to switch colors.

8. Varnish

It’s applied after your painting is complete and has dried out. A transparent fixer that gives a glossy finish to your painting is a varnish. It also prevents the yellowing of the painting even after years. 

While you can enroll in some online classes, watch a YouTube video, or move your fingers freehand to paint your heart out. After acquiring all the equipment, you need to get some tips and tricks to do it. So, let’s get to know a few of them to make your artwork even more appealing and your beginning at the top of its game.

★ Use Acrylic paint

As mentioned above, it’s suggested to use acrylic paints for beginners on canvas as its drying time is less, so you don’t have to wait for hours. You can use it on various surfaces, whatever feels comfortable; make an acrylic display for your home decor. Nowadays, the beauty of acrylic painting and design is quite famous in the customized gifting industry.

★ Buy basic colors

Don’t go on hoarding at the beginning, or you’ll end up stocking up new colors. Buy a few basic paint colors at the beginning like black, white, red, yellow, blue, and green. Mix these to form any other color you want to paint with. As in the beginning, you’ll have to begin with basic shapes to create a stunning piece of art that motivates you to do further.

★ Dilute it with water

Acrylic Paint Dilute with Water - Pleasant Plastic

Mixing is the key; paint with water to acquire the perfect consistency, or with another color blend well, it turns out great acrylics on canvas.

★ Buy the least of equipment

Don’t be a hoarder; buy the minor things like basic acrylic paints, flat brush, splatter brush, palette, etc., and see whether this art form interests you. Investing a lot of money in a wide range of products without much knowledge is not the right approach. Anytime in the future, you can see how it goes and invest further as required in heavy body paints, soft body acrylic paint, and so on.

★ Clean your brushes and palette

Cleaning brushes and the color palette is essential because acrylic is impossible to remove after dried out on any surface. After you’re done with painting, make sure to clean the brushes and palette with acrylic cleaning supplies or mild soap and water. Then place the dry brush and palette in a safe corner.

★ Storing your equipment

Place your acrylic brushes clean horizontally when wet while bristles upwards when dry in an acrylic box for a longer-lasting effect. Let everything be clean and dry when you place it in its place. Everything is available in art supply stores with beginners in mind.

★ Use alternatives for cost-cutting

As a beginner, you might be in splits whether you’ll like the painting process and how long you’ll continue doing it. So, monetarily it’s impractical to invest a lot at the initial stage. At the same time, it’s necessary to have all the equipment to compromise on your artwork. What can be done to minimize costs is using alternatives that work but are available at your home already. Like old pieces of cloth can be used

alternatively, for paper towels, your old debit/credit cards/plastic knives can be altered with a palette knife.

★ Don’t compare

The worst thing you can ever do is compare your artwork with others. Always remember everyone has a unique vision and has different capabilities, what you may be able to do quickly, someone else cannot get a grip of it and vice versa. The only rule is to keep learning consistently and get better with time.

★ Take one step at a time

Now, when you come across different artworks after you’ve begun, you’ll be tempted to try out various painting techniques. But, going step by step and improvising one thing at a time is the way to approach painting. Various painting tutorials for beginners come in handy and portray simple tutorials with ideas for beginners. A step-by-step video makes it easier to catch up with.

★ Make Mistakes

Acrylic Painting goes Wrong - Pleasant Plastic

It’s ok to make mistakes; take it as a learning process and progress with every mistake. You can correct it by priming gesso on it to make it clear or with the help of cotton swabs as well.

★ Make notes

Make sure to leave a tiny note behind/concerning every painting from the beginning to have a glance in the future as to how far you’ve come progressing with the skill. Mention the date on each painting, sign it to have that owning feeling like a true artist, and believe in your art. Now that you’re all set, to begin with, your first painting, it might not seem very clear to choose to make it remarkable. Here are a few awesome painting ideas that you can go for to make your art look outstanding with basic designs and basic paint colors that are suitable for beginners:

★ Floral Painting 

You can never go wrong with flowers, be it presenting them to someone or painting them on a blank canvas. Try out painting an abstract flower or a bunch of it placed in a vase, and there is no precision required, so it’s a beginner-friendly topic for a floral painting. A mini canvas is good enough to begin with.

★ Landscape painting

There is variation in landscapes, and you can paint it as a novice or an expert. Choose a picture that doesn’t require much precision and go freehand along with little techniques. A colorful background or any single background color can be considered to make beautiful acrylic painting designs.

★ Abstract Painting

Abstract style is easiest to start, as it needs a vision in mind but no particular design. Play with colors and make use of a huge variety of things around to paint other than brushes. Abstract flower painting turns out pretty amazing as a floral painting. For more ideas, watching an abstract flower painting tutorial/ acrylic painting techniques is suggested. Abstract-type paintings are fun to do. Abstract gold leaf acrylic is one of the most loved and beautiful canvas artworks.

★ Color block design

Geometrical designs are one of the most beginner-friendly and basic painting designs as all you need is a geometrical shape, 3D shape, a beautiful forest scene, beautiful ocean scene, etc. stick the masking tape on the edges, paint with the available colors (mix n match) and remove the tape. Voila!! Your beautiful color block/ geometrical shape is ready, and you got a fantastic beginner painting.

★ Tree painting

Many trees add a lot of greenery to the canvas paintings, which can always appeal to the eyes and easily be painted. A beautiful field, beach painting, animal painting, etc., are a few painting ideas perfect for beginners that are subjective to the skill levels.

★ Sunset

This one needs great blending techniques, but a quick trial can be created wonderfully—a great way to get a grip on beautiful painting with acrylics without going wrong.

★ Waterfall

Nature paintings, in general, are easy to begin with as there is no specific skill required, unlike in portraits, so that a waterfall can add to your beginner’s list of paintings.

★ Silhouette

This can be an absolute favorite as the background is simple and classy; just a single color or blend of colors makes the background a substance or person black. It is suitable when you’ve got 2-3 primary colors in hand. But if you wish to buy, there are acrylic painting sets also available.

These are the basic requirements of simple acrylic painting for beginners, with a list of simple painting ideas, tricks, and tips, paint to make it more appealing. As you get a grip of it, you can move on to making advanced paintings later on.


  • How do you start painting with no experience?

Ans: It’s better to watch step-by-step tutorials on the internet in your spare time to get a basic idea and start with easy painting ideas like flowers, abstract, etc., to get amazing painting ideas in real-time.

  • Can you start simple acrylic painting at any age?

Ans: Of course, studies have shown that you learn fast at a young age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it later. Just get a canvas with acrylic paints, a few brushes, and you’re good to go. All you need to learn is motivation and consistency. 30-minutes of painting every day is good enough. Make sure you watch an acrylic painting tutorial beforehand or try acrylic pour painting for that blemish-free smooth finish.

  • What if one has a small budget to begin?

Ans: Budget is not an issue. You can buy cheap products that will give less pigment initially, but there is always room for adding new expensive products as you move ahead.

Acrylic Laser Cutting The Complete Guide - Pleasant Plastic
Aug 21

Acrylic Laser Cutting: The Complete Guide

If you know the effort behind dragging a saw through the edges of an acrylic sheet. As an acrylic company in Dubai, you will know the amount of effort that it requires as manual labor. Using traditional tools may be time-consuming and worse, you may not get your desired results. Laser work has gained a lot of attention in recent years. It has paved its way to the workstations of many professionals. 

However, working with a laser is not the easiest task. Considering you are acrylic fabricators in Dubai, if you are new to lasers, you need to gain knowledge and experience to function properly. Hence this is a guide that will help you get a start. Here, we will talk about the complete deal with lasers on acrylic sheets. Also pointing out the basics of acrylic laser cutting in Dubai and its mechanism as well as the pros and cons. Hopefully, it will help you gain some courage to go near the beam and thus flourish your business. Before we begin, we need to understand what exactly laser cutting is and why it has been gaining focus. 

What is laser cutting? 

What is laser cutting - Pleasant Plastic

The traditional way requires a lot of work of tools. Some include drills, saws, and other materials. With laser cutting on acrylic products not only that the process becomes easy with relatively less requirement of tools and other proceedings. It is also time-saving and incredibly efficient. Moreover, there are fewer chances of injuring yourself. 

By definition, laser cutting on an acrylic display is the digital eliminating creation method. It involves the work of a laser to ensure the safe cutting of your material. The mechanism is quite simple. The laser’s heat simply accurately cuts from the object. The pressure point is the same, the laser happens to follow the guideline with manual help. It exhibits fantastic detailing over acrylic painting and designing and more. 

This system heats the surface to the extent that it evaporates the material to accuracy. This happens due to the light beams which are rather high-powered.

Some basics 

If your organization is working to make accurate products with minimal wastage, laser cutting is the option you should go for. You can opt for any shape and size in various one thing about acrylic material is that it comes in two variants. That includes extruded and cast. Even though you happen to find them look alike, many people choose one for a lot of reasons. The material and the ability to cut through, rather the tensile strength varies. 

Nonetheless, you should understand your requirements and then select your preferred acrylic box. Before you start playing with the laser you need to calm down and understand that it requires a lot of attention. That is because it is extremely powerful and the heat waves cut through anything. Hence it is important to keep in mind some safety measures that will help you through the process. To give you a better idea, here are some basics that will give you a better understanding: 

Safety measures 

Safety measures - Pleasant Plastic

The most common thing to keep in mind during laser work is to be careful not to burn yourself. Many people have had accidents with such lasers and significantly happened to injure themselves. This mostly happens to rookies who are new to using a laser. This is not limited to just burning yourself. You need to understand that laser work is a chemical process. And it mixes with the material core when it is cutting through. While practice makes it perfect, it is important to note down some tips. These will help you even if you are an experienced user. 

What to do with the fumes? 

What to do with the fumes - Pleasant Plastic

First and foremost, wear a mask. While that stands true for corona as well, when you are working with acrylic bending, wear a mask to protect yourself from fumes. Should you be exposed to it, you may suffer from a lot of health problems in the near future. That’s not all, you will experience a lot of fumes which will prevent you from seeing. Hence be sure to also wear your glasses to protect your eyes. Also, ensure that you are wearing your protective gear to maintain the consistency of your work, thus making it flawless. 

One great fact is, you can avoid all this just by polishing the surface before you start working on it. Nonetheless, it is always best to ensure protection before you start your work. The polish will make the process smooth and easy, you will be able to cut through the Acrylic Sheet Thickness without any hassle. But make sure that you do not glue the edges and the sides which you need to glue. 

How to not burn yourself?

When you are playing with a Fiber Laser Cutter, you are bound to get burned. Actually, that is true for fire. Nonetheless, if you are using a laser you need to keep yourself from getting burned. We discussed earlier, that lasers are basically high heat waves that melt the acrylic lighting fixtures and give you a complete finish. That is why we have brought to you some tips to prevent yourself from getting burned. But first and foremost, remember that it is absolutely basic to wear all necessary protective gears. Now that we have established that, let’s talk about additional protection: 

  • Make sure that the temperature of the laser is moderate or according to your comfort. 
  • Try not to misuse the laser
  • Careful with the material. Try not to go near the laser. 

What is the extent of thickness in acrylic laser cutting? 

If you are working with more than 6 inches then the best thing you can do is, lower the speed and increase the power. The laser beam slowly melts the edges and cuts through the acrylic sheet. The end result? You will get more smother polished finished edges. This is also a popular method for acrylic engraving through a perfect laser.

Types of laser cutters

Consumers have different wants and needs and they keep changing their minds. So, to be prepared for that, there are a wide variety of laser cutters available to meet their needs. Interestingly, all laser cutters are built in a similar way. The difference is the power range and their purposes. 

Neodymium lasers

These lasers are formed with doped crystals of neodymium. They provide fantastic performances with a lot of intensity. Hence they are specially made to cut through thick acrylic materials. 

CO2 lasers

These lasers run through carbon dioxide gas which is generally electrically stirred. A great thing about this is that the average cost is really moderate since it requires less power to function. It is also worthy of its price as it is a long-term investment. 

Mistakes that happen more often

While everybody works to learn about lasers and how to function them. But whether you are a rookie or a novice, or even an expert, you will make mistakes. Thus let us know what those mistakes are and what we can do about them. 


When you are cutting relatively thicker types of material, you may get a flare-up which can be dangerous. This usually happens depending upon the power of the machines and their thickness tolerance for material types. You can avoid this by creating a vacuum. This can be done by blocking the openings and creating a suction. Hence it causes a better passageway for gases and creates airflow.  Another way to go about with acrylic sheet cutting is with nitrogen assist. 

This process is perfect for cutting through a variety of materials that are thick.

Advantages and disadvantages 

The great thing about laser work on acrylic tables is that the culture is accepting it more and more. It is thus the preferred way of working because it is fast, accurate, and efficient. In this verse, we will talk about the key advantages and disadvantages that come with lasers:


Fast and efficient

The heat waves from the laser cutting machines make it super easy and efficient on the surface. The concentration of the waves is thus so high, that it can melt at one point without any hassle. It is also very fast and makes your work more productive and easy. 


So you do not have to carry a bunch of tools. That would contain a saw, polishing instruments among other things. For Laser Cutting Acrylic products, you will have to carry out just the laser. You may also set it up in your garage or the preferred location. Since it does not take much space, you can create a nice and small workshop for your benefit. 


Precision - Pleasant Plastic

The laser cuts the surface at one point. This means all you have to do is move the acrylic roofing sheets to get it cut. Since there is just one beam concentrating on the surface, you can make your cuts more accurately. Acrylic jewelry businesses apply this process because of the guaranteed precision. 


One of the major reasons why laser acrylic plastic finishes are more preferred is because of how convenient it is. All one needs to do is set it up somewhere and enjoy the acrylic cutting process. It eliminates the hassle of tools and other amenities that are required usually if you opt for the traditional acrylic shaping technique. 


While laser usage has its own set of dangers, it does not compare to the dangers and risks of traditional tools. You may severely injure yourself when you are using a saw for Acrylic Mirror Sheet Cutting. These examples are so frequent that many people have switched to laser usage.  


It can be expensive – although it is a fantastic investment, the initial amount may be a bit much for 1 Acrylic Processing Machine Setup. Nonetheless, many people have found it helpful in the long run. 


Experience - Pleasant Plastic

Earlier we discussed that there are some precautions that are needed to be taken, especially while cutting through durable materials. Initially, though, that may be a little difficult to follow. However, it is a very good investment of time and effort that you put into learning the process.  

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acrylic Laser Cutting?

This is a process wherein one uses a laser beam to cut through or make designs over acrylic glass sheets. It provides more accurate cuts and designs. It is thus preferred by many craftspeople.  

Is there any difference between an acrylic laser cutter and an acrylic laser engraver?

There are many patterns that a customer demands. Accordingly one uses either a laser cutter and a acrylic laser engraver. The difference is that laser cutters give accurate edge cuttings. While laser engravers are rather mild wherein it is careful not to cut through the sheet. Instead, you can create Acrylic shapes and wanted designs.

Why should I go for an acrylic laser cutting machine as opposed to other conventional cutting methods?

There are many advantages of using a laser on acrylic sheet suppliers in Dubai instead of the traditional ways. Few reasons are that traditional tools are comparatively more dangerous. Additionally, Acrylic laser cutting machines provide more accurate and edgy cuttings. The process is also very fast and smooth. If you make sure that you are following all the guidelines and safety precautions, you can get terrific results. 


Laser cuttings on acrylic sheets are getting popular by the day. Many people are progressing towards a far more creative and fast process. while lasers have their own set of disadvantages wherein, there may be some health problems. With proper precaution and care, you can manage to satisfy your customers without having to sacrifice your health. 

Jul 10

Top 10 Popular Acrylic Products

The history of Traditional acrylics dates back to 1928 when it was first produced by a company called Rohm and Haas. Being a highly versatile and flexible material, it is used to produce a wide range of products for domestic and commercial purposes on a daily basis. 

Acrylic products are largely gaining attention and have been an effective choice against materials like wood and rubber. 


What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a synthetic polymer, which has features similar to that of polycarbonate. The trade name of Acrylic is Plexiglass. Acrylic is, moreover, transparent material with high impact resistance.

This thermoplastic material is crystal clear and gives a perfect finish, just like that of a glass material.


Why Acrylic?

The following are the features that make acrylic a sustainable and reliable solution in the market.

 Acrylic has commendable clarity and produces quality products

  • It is a highly transparent material 
  • It offers good resistance to temperature variations
  • Acrylic is strong in impact resistance
  • The weight of acrylic is just half the weight of glass
  • It offers resistance to harmful chemicals and UV light.
  • Acrylic sheets are available in unique styles like frosted, fluorescent, and mirror, and black acrylic.
  • It has outstanding durability 
  • Acrylic is eco-friendly and can be reused. 


Top 10 Acrylic Products  

Acrylic plastic is commonly used to manufacture a wide variety of essential products like acrylic nail kits, acrylic powders, acrylic paint, lenses, LCD screens, containers and vessels, medical equipment, furniture, and display products.


They are also used as shields for windows, fashion and cosmetic accessories, enclosures, sales displays, acrylic roofing sheets, and so on. 

In this blog, we will discuss the 10 major acrylic products that have gained much popularity and hype in the market.


1. Acrylic Podium

acrylic podium - Pleasant Plastic

Podiums are platforms or stages used by a speaker or facilitator while delivering the presentation or speech during functions, conferences, and any other events.

Podiums made using acrylic give a royal appearance and the major benefit is that they are available in most eye-catching designs and varieties.

Acrylic podiums are transparent and largely used in meeting halls, conference rooms, seminar halls, prayer rooms and other concert or event places.


2. Acrylic Box

Acrylic Box - Pleasant Plastic

The best fabricated acrylic storage boxes are available in various sizes and shapes in the market.

 Also, these boxes are usually transparent and have good holding capacity. 

The acrylic boxes are highly used for storing various items and are also used as bins and containers. These come with lids and ideal storage spaces.

Acrylic storage boxes can be used for a long duration and provide a smart look and appearance to the interiors.


3. Acrylic letters

Acrylic Letters - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic can be used to make letters for the signage boards. The acrylic signs are usually made with a acrylic laser cutting custom lettering method.

Acrylic letters have a precise and high-quality finish. Acrylic is highly flexible; it is less fragile compared to glass.

Acrylic letters have the best and clean appeal which is an ideal option for businesses to display brand messages effectively. 

Golden Heavy Body acrylics are used for smooth consistency in spraying and designing purposes. Acrylic prints appear in vibrant colors and perfect quality and are ideal to display emblems, logos, or brand promotion taglines. 


 4. Acrylic Aquariums 

Acrylic Aquarium - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic fish tanks or acrylic aquariums are used in offices, industries, homes, and various institutions. They are made using acrylic sheets and are very powerful.

They are very soft and highly flexible when compared to glass aquariums. The impact resistance and lightweight make it strong and less prone to cracks.

It improves the living quality of the fishes with good insulation and low-temperature flux. They are highly scratch-resistant and show a range of colors.

They are available in many shapes, and hence, rectangular fish tanks are not the only option, when acrylic aquariums are considered.


5. Acrylic sinks and bathtubs

Acrylic sinks and bathtubs - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic is a waterproof material. This advantage is taken into consideration, and it is used in bathtubs and sinks. Acrylic material is highly versatile and retains heat. The smoothness and flexibility of acrylic are a benefit of using it for bathroom fixtures.

They are cost-effective and offer eye-to-detail with a transparent and clear structure. Thus, acrylic tubs have been the favorite choice of people. Acrylic is comfy and need not be maintained frequently. 

Acrylic material is lightweight, and hence it can be easily installed and maintained. It is highly resistant to damage and remains warm even at room temperature.


6. Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic Furniture - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic furniture is well known for its great elegance and perfect color. The classy finish that acrylic furniture gives has made it the ideal choice for several people worldwide.

Acrylic table, chairs, acrylic display cases, and shelves have gained enough popularity in the market. The interiors, variety of surfaces, and building structure are enhanced with the transparent and standard beauty of the acrylic furniture.

The acrylic furniture and the products require continuous care, maintenance, and proper cleaning mechanisms. If harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents are used, acrylic will be subjected to damage. It is easy to manage and make the furniture surface clean with normal cleaning methods. 

The parts of the Acrylic furniture are non-poisonous and they offer high chemical resistance when compared to other products made with plastic.

Acrylic furniture is resistant to UltraViolet rays. Hence, the furniture doesn’t fade or get discolored due to the harmful rays of the sun.


 7. Acrylic lighting fixtures

Acrylic lighting fixtures - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic is well known for its robust architecture and rich color. There are various kinds of acrylic lighting fixtures

The light diffusers are advantageous as they control and manage the sharp lighting to convert it into a soft and smooth light effect.

The acrylic material can prevent the lighting fixtures from getting dust and dirt, and also enables energy conservation.

They are highly UV and scratch-resistant and affordable when compared to polycarbonate. Acrylic panels and LED lights have been widely accepted nowadays for setting up lighting fixtures.


8. Acrylic Photo frames

Acrylic Photo frames - Pleasant Plastic

There are various types of acrylic frames available to make the photos look elegant and attractive. These include round, braced, portal, open acrylic frames, and many more.

The acrylic photo panels are strong and they give more finish compared to the frames made up of paper or wood.


Acrylic is the best alternative for glass. This is also known as Plexiglass or Acrylate Polymer chains, and scientifically it is a thermoplastic.

PMMA is an acronym for  Polymethyl Methacrylate which is well known for its flexibility, lightweight, and strength. 

To showcase any image, portrait, or artwork, clarity is something that can’t be compromised. The acrylic frames have unbeatable clarity and it exhibits all the features effectively. 


 9. Acrylic file holders

Acrylic file holders - Pleasant Plastic

Students and professionals would find file holders very useful to place their items and keep them well organized. 

Acrylic file holders can be easily kept in office spaces, schools, and domestic spaces to store documents and important files.

 The major highlight is that this organizer is made up of crystal clear, powerful, and highly durable acrylic material.

It is very easy to maintain and clean these holders. You can choose richer colors, and store catalogs, folders, paperwork, cards, files, records, and related documents.


10. Acrylic makeup organizers

Acrylic makeup organizer - Pleasant Plastic

Acrylic makeup organizers are very popular in the female segment. They are usually clear and transparent but also appear in various color option.

These storage boxes have good visually pleasing features and can be easily assembled and detachable too.

This acrylic box is built using the acrylic sheet and it is slightly expensive due to the purity and the highly transmitting features when compared to the other cheaper and normal materials.

The monomer liquid for nails, called Acrylic liquid monomer, is used for manicures. The beautiful monomer acrylic nail designs, acrylic nail powder, and stunning nail care products are available in the market. The advantage of these beautiful acrylic nails is that they are against any allergic reactions.


Why are Acrylic products on high demand?

You may have come across various laser-cut acrylic products like acrylic nameplates, keychains, signboards, gift items, trophies, vases, acrylic LED frames, and many more, which are highly personalized.

Acrylic material is widely used in insulation, roofing, logistics, transportation, and windshields of vehicles including aeroplanes, and for lighting facilities and lighting fixtures outdoors.

They are also used in canopies and wall divisions. Acrylic is highly useful for various applications that demand transparency. You can cut acrylic to various desired shapes with the help of laser cutting and CNC Cutting and engraving methods.

The high impact strength, light resistance, and formability make it widely accepted as a safer and stronger feature. Though, when compared to glass they are less dense, still, they offer very high impact resistance.




1. Where can I buy good acrylic products in Dubai?

There are various brands of acrylics available in the market. However, for good acrylic services and acrylic fabricators in Dubai, you can depend on Pleasant Plastic and Pleasant Acrylic LLC.

You can rely on them also if you are searching for an option that provides perfect Acrylic Laser Cutting in Dubai.


2. Are acrylic products long-lasting?

Acrylic products are durable and need less maintenance. They weigh less when compared to glass products. 

The lightweight makes acrylic products safe and protective. They are scratch-resistant and highly stroke-resistant than glass.


3. What is the most popular acrylic manufactured in Dubai? 

The best acrylic company in Dubai for acrylic bending and molding:

Being renowned providers of acrylic products, and the popular acrylic sheet supplier in Dubai, Pleasant Plastic and Pleasant acrylic offers Acrylic Laser cut products, Painting & Designing, Acrylic Polishing, and various affordable acrylic related products and services.


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Top-10-Acrylic-Lighting-Ideas - Pleasant Acrylic
Jun 12

Top 10 Acrylic Lighting Ideas

In today’s time, acrylic has become an amazing replacement for glass. It is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer which is usually known as plexiglass. Acrylic today can be used in different manners like in lights, keychains, tables, various tools and LED screens. It is easily available and is very inexpensive.

It is a nice replacement to Polycarbonate if the strength of the material is not being considered as an element. It is a very useful material for the applications that need transparency and where the effect of resistance is not an issue. It has the ability to get cut into various forms by advanced technology so that it can be converted into several acrylic products like acrylic light fixtures. Acrylic laser cutting in Dubai is one of the best where you will find the acrylics being cut with perfect finish and getting transformed into Acrylic Furniture or any other product. 

There are various types of Acrylic sheets like Clear Acrylic sheeting, White acrylic sheeting, Colored acrylic sheeting, Mirror acrylic sheeting, Light diffusing acrylic and many more. These are used to prepare different types of Acrylic products such as acrylic furniture, acrylic tables and many more. You can opt for the best Acrylic company in Dubai, if you want to attain the best designs and lights for your living room, or want to make a modern bathroom. 

In this article, you will get to know about 10 various acrylic lighting ideas. Let’s have a look upon some of them that will assist you in making the interior of your house look like a piece of art. 

Acrylic Lighting Ideas


1. Crystal Wood Acrylic Lights Chandelier

Pleasant Plastic - Crystal Wood Acrylic lights Chandelier

This is one of the most beautiful acrylic light designs. These lights will throw patterns into your hallway, it is like a confetti cube. Chandeliers come in various designs and shapes and you can choose the best one for your interior. These lights are accent pieces and will make your home look more sophisticated than ever. Hang this light fixture in your ceiling and look at your house all glowing up. This Acrylic lighting is one of the most beautiful ideas that you can execute in your place.

2. Creative 3D Acrylic Frame Night Lamp

Pleasant Plastic - Creative 3D Acrylic Frame Night lamp

You can use this piece of art as a night lamp in your bedroom or your living room. You can make personalized designs on this lamp or have it made in custom shapes that suits the surrounding where you place. It is a simple design but will throw a look of class in your bedroom. It will provide you with the perfect amount of light you would need during the night. This light can complement the area where you place it during night. All you have to do is connect it with an USB cable through an electric outlet to switch it on. 

3. LED Acrylic Wall Sconce Light Fixture

Pleasant Plastic - LED Acrylic Wall Sconce Light Fixture

This LED acrylic wall sconce is one of the most ideal for your wall lightning. It consumes the power of 6W. This light is far more useful and magnificent than you can imagine. It is perfect for you as it will make the interior of your space look beautiful and not only this, but will also help you in saving more than 90% of power usage. This lighting fixture is surface mounted and does not have the requirement to be hard wired. So, to make your living room look amazing, this is one of the best ideas for you to implement. 

4. Siluett Lamp

Pleasant Plastic - Siluett Lamp

Siluett lamps have a clean-cut, contemporary design style. This will add another level of charm in your space. In this lamp, the graphic outline of a map has been enhanced into a 3-dimensional form by using acrylic plastic material. The expression of this light will keep changing with respect to the angle of the view. It creates an illusion of light on the wall and the objects near it. It will provide your home with a modern look and will be extremely attractive to the eye. You can use this in your bedroom, your child’s bedroom or your living room, it will add a touch of magnificence wherever you place it. 

5. Round Nordic Acrylic Ceiling Light

Pleasant Plastic - Round Nordic Acrylic Ceiling Light

This modern LED light is completely ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and many other places providing a feeling of sophistication. It has wooden rims on its edges which adds a beautiful look to the light. It has a remote-control dimmer switch which will allow you to adjust its light according to the amount of light that you require, and which also provide good amounts of light. This not only provides you with a wonderful lighting effect but also a beautiful decorative effect. This is one of the best acrylic light design ideas that you should use for your home. To give your house a subtle look, you can without any doubt choose this for yourself.

6. Waterproof Modern Cosmetic Acrylic Wall Lamp

Pleasant Plastic -Waterproof Modern Cosmetic Acrylic Wall Lamp

This Acrylic wall lamp is perfectly ideal for a modern bathroom. You can place it above the bathroom light or bathroom sink for acquiring the best display of the light. It has a painted light source included in it. It is waterproof so there is no worries for you in that section, it provides a modern and classy look to your bathroom. You can easily get ready in your bathroom with the amount of light it provides. You can also get these lights in custom shapes according to your wish. 

7. Adjustable Neutral Acrylic Wall Sconce Modern LED Vanity Lights

Pleasant Plastic - Adjustable Neutral Acrylic Wall Sconce Modern LED Vanity Lights

This modern adjustable Neutral acrylic wall LED vanity light will provide a very subtle and a new design to your bathroom. The best part of this vanity light is that it comes with a 180° rotatable hinge, which gives you the liberty to adjust the lighting in any way you wish according to your convenience. As it is waterproof, it will not be an issue if you place it in damp locations. It has LED bulbs which provide a warm feeling. This Vanity light idea is perfect for you, if you want to provide an ergonomic appearance to your bathroom. 

8. Acrylic Butterfly Suspension Pendant Light

Pleasant Plastic - Acrylic Butterfly Suspension Pendant Light

This Acrylic Lighting Fixture is completely ideal for your bedroom, you can also suspend them in your drawing room or living room. This might also look beautiful if you hang it above your dining room table. This is a beautifully structured pendant light that will make the interior of your home look attractive and will light up your bedroom in the perfect way. All you need to do is suspend it in the place you like and then watch it make your house glow. One can definitely choose this idea of acrylic lighting. 

9. Modern Acrylic Chandeliers Aluminum Pendant Lights with Rings

Pleasant Plastic - Modern Acrylic Chandeliers Aluminum Pendant Lights with Rings

These modern and trendy acrylic lights are perfect for dining rooms, it has the design of six rings, which provides its complete look. It will make your home look as beautiful as it is, this light has a golden frame color, which itself portrays class. Its LED light will provide you with a warm surrounding. The ergonomic, twist and lock design of this pendant light will enhance the appearance of your dining area or your living area to another level.

10. Designer Heracleum Chandelier Acrylic Light Fixture

Pleasant Plastic - Designer Heracleum Chandelier Acrylic Light Fixture

This designer Heracleum chandelier is the right choice for your living room, it will provide the most perfect look to your living area. It has a clear glass shade, has a fine acrylic polishing and has a round shape of canopy. This piece of art is the perfect lighting idea that you should choose for your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are acrylic materials non-conductive?

No, the acrylic material is a conductive material. If you need non-conductivity, then you can apply a spray-coating for that. 

  • Are acrylic lights available in Different colors?

Yes, the acrylic lights are available in various colors.

  • Is acrylic plastic melting at normal heat?

No, it does not melt at normal heat. It might soften a bit but will never melt. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of acrylic lighting ideas available in the market today, you just have to make the right choice according to the kind of surroundings you have. All the ideas mentioned above will provide an attractive look to your place. You have to find the right acrylic lighting fixture and the best company that does the best Acrylic Bending and Molding so that you receive the best lighting fixtures that provides you the perfect Acrylic Display.

 In these modern times, we all need to keep up with the trend so that our house looks perfectly maintained and gives the perfect vibe. This is why you can take the assistance of the best Acrylic Company in Dubai, because it will provide you with the exact lighting fixture that you are looking for with the best quality. It will work according to your needs and requirements. So, without much ado, select one to develop the appearance of your house. also read our blog post Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners


Pleasant Plastic - Clear Acrylic Roofing sheets
May 17

Things To Know About Clear Acrylic Roofing Sheets


Pleasant Plastic - Clear Acrylic Roofing sheets


Acrylic roofing sheets are highly adaptable roofing sheets which offer UV protection and are highly durable. These roofing sheets are very cost effective and are available in a variety of colors and thickness. This type of roof is generally known as impact resistance and light weight.

Acrylic products are not only using for roofing purposes, but also commonly using for making medical devices, light pipes for LEDs, acrylic furniture, ornaments, aquariums, acrylic sinks/ bathtubs, display stands, photo frames and so on.


There are a wide range of various type roofing sheets available in the industry right now. The growth of technology in the modern world resulted in the evolution of various types of roofing sheets. Different variety of roofing makes your home and surroundings feel more elegant and beautiful. Let us look at various types of roofing sheets.


Corrugated Roofing Sheet

image courtesy:

Corrugated roofing sheets are those sheets commonly used in the outdoor sheds and porches. These sheets have wavy shapes which makes them more durable. Galvanized steel is the most commonly used base material in these roofing sheets. These sheets are durable for 5 to 10 years.


  • Eco friendly
  • Weather resistant


  • Corrosion
  • Not very durable compared to other roofing sheets


Polycarbonate sheets are transparent and flexible roofing sheets which are commonly using in a wide range of industries and large buildings. They are extremely weather resistant and UV light resistant. While comparing impact strength these sheets are the winner of this segment. Different types of polycarbonate sheet are available in the market, these are easily transformable into various shapes and can be cut easily with sharp tools.


  • Polycarbonate sheet is Durable and Versatile 
  • Polycarbonate sheet is flexible


  • Polycarbonate sheet turns yellow after few years
  • These sheets are not scratch resistant



Metal roofing sheets

Metal roofing sheets are the cheaply available roofing sheets which are made up of metals like aluminium, zinc…. etc. These roofing sheets are commonly used in garages, gardens and backyards. These sheets are very protective as they are highly resistant to cracks. These sheets have the ability to withstand fast winds.


  • Cost effective
  • High insulation from thunderstorms


  • These sheets get rust after few years
  • These sheets absorb heat 



Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets

Plastic roofing sheets are those sheets which are used to cover the temporary constructions, gardens etc.  These sheets are less durable and weather resistant compared to other roofing sheets. Plastic roof panels are durable according to the quality raw material used in the plastic.


  • Highly flexible
  • Available in various shapes and colors


  • Less durable and not weather resistant
  • These sheets are not eco-friendly



Glass roofing sheets

Glass roofing sheets are transparent and heavy glass sheets spread upon the frame of the roof. These roofing sheets are very expensive compared to other roofing sheets. They give a luxurious feel to the interiors of the house by allowing the passage of natural sunlight.


  • Reduces the need of artificial lighting
  • These sheets are eco-friendly


  • Very expensive 
  • The glass sheets fade in few years
  • Less durable



Pleasant Plastic - Clear Acrylic Roofing sheets

Acrylic sheets are more commonly using another type of roofing material for the time being, It has a wide variety of pantone color options which sets it apart from acrylic plastic from other thermoplastic materials. Acrylic sheets are available in different sizes so it’s tensile strength will be high according to the thickness.


Our acrylic roofing sheets are very important in the modern industry of roofing sheets. These sheets are very versatile which means they can be transformed into various shapes when heated. So they are known as thermoplastics. 

Poly (methyl methacrylate) is the chemical product used in acrylic roofing sheets which is very durable and transparent. These acrylic sheets are very damage resistant and lighter in weight compared to glass sheets. 

The acrylic materials used in these sheets are very solvent with adhesives and have high stiffness, for better bonding and minor leak we are using high quality acrylic sealant, in case of any active leaks due to physical damage in future can be easily solved by our technician. This acrylic sheet material is very much resistant to the impacts than other roofing sheets. 

We offer you these sheets in a variety of colors and also at various transparent shades, if you are specific about particular shape we can use acrylic laser cutting method and for an excellent finish we can depend acrylic polishing; which is more popular these days. These sheets are scratch resistant compared to other roofing sheets. Our acrylic roofing sheets can be used as an alternative to glass sheets as they are very much cheaper and lighter than glass. 

Our acrylic roofing sheets are known for its quality and excellent finishing. Our acrylic roofing sheets are very much sealed which ensures that you have a leakage free roof. Our acrylic roofing sheets are very much better than polycarbonate roofing sheets. 

These acrylic roofing sheets are shinier than polycarbonate sheets as well as they have equal strength and other features. 

We can provide you with clear pergola roofing sheets for your garden. Our acrylic sheets are different from plexiglass. Although they have more similarities than differences our sheets are manufactured differently than plexiglass. 

We can assure you that the choice you made for our acrylic roofing sheets will be the best.

  • Acrylic roofing sheets are maintenance free. These roofing sheets require only wiping with any common cloth to remove dirt. They do not require further expensive maintenance.
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are very much versatile which means when heated at a certain temperature, its shape can be changed. The scratches on these sheets also disappear when its physical form is changed
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are very durable and UV light resistant. These sheets are much lighter and damage resistant than glass sheets. These sheets are very cheap compared to glass sheets
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are said to be expensive compared to other roofing methods except from glass sheets.
  • Acrylic roofing sheets are less strong than polycarbonate sheets.
  • Acrylic sheets can be easily bent than polycarbonate sheets which may affect badly during the construction of this. 
  • One of the other minor disadvantages of these acrylic sheets is that for custom or eye catchy acrylic sheets, it is very expensive.

also read our blog post Acrylic Painting Ideas for Beginners


  • Why is an acrylic sheet so expensive?

Acrylic sheets are thick sheets which are very durable and weather resistant. The manufacturing process of these sheets is more expensive than other sheets. But compared to glass sheets our acrylic sheeting are more durable and cheaper.

  • Does clear acrylic turn yellow?

No, our clear acrylic sheets do not turn yellow like polycarbonate sheets. We have protection layers on top of it which can withstand its transparency for up to 20 years.

  • What is the difference between acrylic and Perspex sheets?

Our acrylic sheets have similar properties compared to Perspex sheets. Perspex is the brand name given to acrylic roofing sheets by various companies.

  • Is polycarbonate heavier than acrylic?

Both of these sheets have common weight. Also, these sheets are very much lighter and stronger compared to glass sheets. 

  • plexiglass vs acrylic

Plexiglass is a brand of acrylic (PMMA) its basic product is completely colorless, but it can be acrylic colored.


From the above content we understood the relevance of acrylic roofing sheets in the modern world. Acrylic roofing sheets are an upcoming technology in the type of roof sheets, you should understand its features and think about using our sheets. 

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How to Use Acrylic Panels at Home
Apr 16

How to Use Acrylic Panels at Home?

What are Acrylic Panels?

Acrylic panels are the greatest level of plastics you can find. Such panels are thermoplastic and are similar to glass. Some acrylic panels for walls also have optical value like glass. Other benefits include allowing light to transmit through them, resits weather conditions, and reflect sounds. Besides, the acrylic panels for walls allow the material to expand and contract along with the changes in the temperature.

Glass on the other hand can shrink after some years. Acrylic panels do not shrink after they have been shrunk during the making process. You also get acrylic wall panels that will not lose more than three percent of their light-transmitting value in ten years. Acrylic bathroom wall panels with UV filters can absorb higher than ninety-eight percent of the ultra-light radiation, which is lower than four hundred nanometers.

Different Acrylic Wall Paneling Ideas For Your Home

Acrylic plastics are very useful for your home. You can use them for your greenhouses as well as for the furniture. Clear acrylic sheets are highly utilized for home makeovers and constructions. You may feel that they look similar to glass. However, these sheets weigh only half of that of glass. They are also sixteen times stronger than glass. You don’t have to rely only on clear acrylics.

There are so many new color variants among acrylic glass panels available in the market. They now come in various colors, hue as well as tint. This makes them ideal for decorations at your home. Alongside the acrylics are best for DIY projects. If you own a home or rent one you can complete such acrylic projects on your own. That is because the acrylic sheet is less in cost and you can easily grind, glue, and refine it with consumer-level workshop materials. In this post, we will learn about seven cool ways to use acrylics at home. 

1. Cabinet Door and Window

Cabinet Door and Window

No more noisy and weak glass cabinet doors and windows. If you have unruly tenants in your home then the glass cabinet door and windows are at risk. They can’t firmly close them without damaging them. This is where you need to use acrylic panels to create cabinet doors and windows.

These are super light in weight and will not break so easily as glass. In this way, you save lots of cash that you usually use for repairing glass cabinet doors and windows. When you try to remove glass panels from cabinets it is a painstaking task! Use acrylic panels instead of cabinets. Also read the guide on acrylic material, properties and uses.

2. Greenhouse and Cold Frame

Greenhouse and Cold Frame

When you love gardening or want to create your own greens you can create greenhouses. Greenhouses help to protect your plants during harsh weather outside. Some colder places need such greenhouses.

Now, you can also create knee-length greenhouses by using acrylic panels to build cold frames. These smallish greenhouses are ideal for leafy greens, small flowers, tomatoes, and many such vegetables. You can lift the lid of this greenhouse from the top. This small area can safeguard your precious plants. You can also create bigger greenhouses using acrylic panels.

3. Window Panels

Window Panels

When a person has a home adjacent to the golf courses, sports fields, and other places like them, then he will be tensed about stuff falling and damaging his windows. To change a window you may require to use two hundred dollars. This equation will burn a hole in your wallet.

In this case, you can use clear acrylic sheets for paneling in the windows. It looks just like glass when you use both of them side by side. It has the same level of quality as window-level glass. Moreover, the acrylic design panels have more strength and are less in cost when compared to glass. Also consider the types of acrylic sheets.

4. Safeguard Furniture with a Cover

Safeguard Furniture with a Cover

Nowadays acrylic panels are quite budget-friendly. Hence, you can use them for building stylish and trendy furniture. People are building glass-like tabletop with clear acrylic panels. This glass-like table panel is much stronger and less costly than similar materials. Some bold artists also build tables and chairs out of brightly colored acrylics. These furniture pieces can also be moved easily around your homes. That is because they are ultra-light in weight.

If you have costly wood furniture that needs safety from various elements like pets, dust, water, etc. then cover them with acrylic panels. These acrylic decorative wall panels offer protection from the wearing and tearing that happens each day.

5. Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes

Cleaning the grout from the kitchen backsplash is a cumbersome task. Alongside, the kitchen tiles may look old and boring. You use an acrylic kitchen backsplash. These backsplashes are modern and you can also try using various tinted panels. Besides, you may use trendy paints to paint something cool on them. It can change the look of your kitchen.

Just be careful about the sizes of the acrylic wall panels for kitchens. Cut them precisely to fit your kitchen backsplash. Another benefit of the acrylic kitchen backsplash is that you easily remove grout from it. Use any ordinary dishwashing liquid to clean it. Don’t use harsh chemicals on the acrylic panel. The smooth surface of the panels also prevents most grout from sticking too long on it.

Benefits of Acrylic Panels

Here are some of the most useful benefits of Acrylic Panels:

  • Decorative acrylic wall panels lower glares and solar transmissions.
  • They are easy to maintain especially acrylic panels for walls.
  • These acrylic paneling are also simple to move and install.
  • The acrylic bathroom wall panels offer high resistance against harsh chemicals.
  • Acrylic plastics like Acrylite offer more surface resistance than other plastics.
  • Acrylic panels can be easily created to definite sizes with hand machines and power machines.
  • Different hued acrylics can be used for acrylic wall panels decorative methods.

In this post, we learned about acrylic panels and some of their powerful benefits. Besides, we also learned about the way you can use these decorative acrylic wall panels and ordinary panels at homes. You can greatly reduce construction costs by using acrylic paneling. Hoping you will use the information wisely and fix awesome acrylic panels for walls and furniture at your home. We have gathered rare information so that you can use acrylic panels at your home, too.

Pleasant Plastic provides end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling, and acrylic manufacturers. We are the best acrylic product designer in Dubai, UAE. Our Services Include: Acrylic Laser Cutting, Acrylic Painting and Designing and Acrylic Engraving / Etching in Dubai. We take pride not only in the efficiency of our job but in delivering orders from our customers on time. You can see that Pleasant Plastic is famous for Acrylic Bending and Molding DubaiContact us for more.

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What is Acrylic Material
Mar 15

A Detailed Guide on Acrylic Material, Properties and Uses

What is Acrylic Material

You must be pondering about the question – what is acrylic material? Acrylic is a thermoplastic homo polymer that has some transparency. But what type of plastic is acrylic? The substance is also known as a type of trading plastic called plexiglass. Is acrylic plastic? Well, This stuff has a likeness to polycarbonates.

Since it has the quality of impact resistance it gets this likeness. When the extreme power of polycarbonate is not needed you can use plexiglass. The plexiglass was created in nineteen twenty-eight. It is created after distilling a particular hydrocarbon fuel. These are made light as a group or a fraction. Then they are mixed alongside a catalyst and become plastic. Also read the guide on acrylic polishing.

What is Acrylic Used For

In World War Two the combat teams needed covers for their tanks and other machines. But they didn’t want glass since glass shatters. Hence they started using acrylics excessively.

Some types of acrylics can resist impacts and are transparent. Due to these two qualities, they are used to create the lens, acrylic lights, acrylic nail, security wall, acrylic medical tool, LCD screen as well as acrylic furniture-alternates. And these have other uses because they are clear and allow light to pass through. The other uses are to create a window, tank as well as any enclosure to surround an exhibit.

You may find them in several tones and maybe even with translucency. But the raw material is fully transparent. Thus it can be used in place of glass. Since it is less costly and easily found in the market it is better than polycarbonate. To make polycarbonate coatings scratch-free manufacturers cover them with a layer of acrylics. A glass-like product that can prevent damages from bullets is built in this method. The polycarbonate prevents bullet entry while the acrylic protects from daily usage scratches.

Types of Acrylic and Properties

Types of Acrylic and Properties

Now, you need to find out the types of acrylic materials. The chemist from Germany called Otto-Rohm created the patent for the trading term – plexiglass. Another trendy term for this material is lucite. Let us now learn about the main properties of this material. Acrylic Sheets are more common these days, there different types of acrylic sheets are available in terms of color and thickness.

  • Acrylic falls under thermoplastics. They are the opposite of thermosets. The term relates to acrylics’ reaction with heat.
  • You might want to know about the melting point of acrylic. At a hundred and sixty degrees C this material melts and becomes a liquid. The best benefit of acrylics is that you can reheat this substance even after it cools down after the first heating.
  • There is no huge damage done to the plastic. These materials do not burn. That is why you can use these in injection molds as well as for recycling.
  • In perfect opposition, you can only heat the thermoset materials once. After you cool the thermoset if you try to heat it then you will see it burning. Hence you cannot recycle thermoset materials.

Let us learn about its scientific properties

  • The scientific term for acrylic is PMMA.
  • C5H8O2 is its chemical formulae.
  • The melting value of acrylic is at one hundred and thirty-degree Celsius or two hundred and sixty-six Fahrenheit.
  • Seventy-nine to a hundred and seven is the usual value when you van inject acrylic into a mold.
  • It deflects here at the values ninety five-degree Celsius or two hundred and three Fahrenheit. This occurs at zero points forty-six MPa.
  • The tensile power is at sixty-four MPa.
  • The flexural power is at ninety MPa.
  • The specific gravity is at one point eighteen.
  • It has a rating in shrinking at a value from zero points two to one percent.

Is Acrylic Plastic Toxic

Is Acrylic Plastic Toxic

  • Many have doubts about the thought – is acrylic plastic toxic. Acrylic does not have toxic chemicals like Bisphenol-a or ‘bpa’
  • Most other glass alternates have this toxic substance. But not acrylics, Hence, comparatively it is non-toxic.
  • Plus, the acrylic material can be re-heated to create new stuff. Thus it leaves less carbon footprint when compared to other plastics and substances. This means you can re-use the material forever since it will not disintegrate like other substances.
  • Many research proves that polycarbonate’s BPA is highly toxic. That is why more manufactures use BPA-less substances to create cans. In the solid-state acrylic is never toxic.
  • However, you create a fume while printing as well as creating the mold with injections. You must never sniff them with your nose. these fumes are gas-like polymers. Don’t receive dangerous results from such gases.

You have got the ideas about acrylic melting temperature details. Moreover, you know about acrylic applications. Then you found out about many acrylics properties. Later above you read about what happens after melting acrylic substances. Next, we gathered information about acrylic plastic uses. This post also talks about what is acrylic used for in other ways. Go through all the uses and properties of acrylics mentioned in this post.

Pleasant Plastic provides end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling, and acrylic manufacturers. We are the best acrylic product designer in Dubai, UAE. We provide services include: Acrylic Engraving / Etching in Dubai, Acrylic Painting and Design and Acrylic Laser Cutting in Dubai. We take pride not only in the efficiency of our job but in delivering orders from our customers on time. You can see that Pleasant Plastic is famous for Acrylic Bending and Molding DubaiContact us for more.


How to Polish Acrylic
Feb 10

A Complete Guide on Acrylic Polishing

In this post, we will learn about polishing acrylic. We will further also know about the ways to polish acrylic sheets. How to polish acrylic will be explained in more detail here.

However, we will be touching only briefly in each method of polishing. Finally, we will learn about the benefits of polishing acrylic plastic.

What is Acrylic Polishing?


Acrylic products are polished as it gives a good finishing. That is because quite often acrylic products can carry dents and unwanted areas. These areas need proper acrylic polishing if you want the right shapes in the final product.

A product with a professional finish is more saleable than one which isn’t. A polished acrylic product has that professional finesse. Hence for both sales and professionalism acrylic products have to be polished well. But you now need to know how to polish acrylic

Things to Remember before Polishing

The machine’s edge decides the volume of finishing needed. This finish will create a sleek and glass-look to the product. Cutting tools that are sharpened as well as having the right design lowers the time of the whole polishing. Moreover, when you use sprays that are coolants then the unwanted high temperatures that are created are kept at bay.  Also read the types of displays in visual visual merchandising.

Ways to Polish Acrylic


1. Polish the Edge

You can create the highest level of finishing on the edge. However, you need to prepare for that. If you have an edge that has adequately gone through the mills. Then the edge can be polished with no need to sand. But if you are laying an acrylic roofing sheet you might have used a saw-cutter then it needs the following processing. Sand the product, run it via the jointers, shapers, routers, edge finish machines. Sometimes you may have to hand-scrape the product before polishing.

You can polish the edges in the right way over the stationary polisher’s head. Try to include eight inches or fourteen inches diameters of muslin wheelsets that have undergone bleaching. Add the bias strip to create a pleated design. Such equipment will speed up your task.

Also read about acrylic laser engraving.

Another factor that decides the polishing results is the choice of polishing compound. When you utilize mid-range compounds to cut such an operation will provide quite a proper finishing in just a single polishing.

If you like to create more lustrous feel then utilize only speedily compounds to cut, for removing away any unwanted sand mark. Lastly, utilize a lustrous compound with a higher level during the last polishing step.

Don’t use high temperature or heating while you buff the edge. You may introduce unwanted stress inside the sheets. This can create damages. Annealing the parts can prevent the volume of stress.

2. Polish the Surface

When you get products that carry any machine mark that isn’t very inward, then you can polish the surfaces with no sand previously. Utilize the wheel with six or twelve inches diameter to polish it. This wheel must be built to a width of one and a half or two inches. Again use muslins that have undergone bleaching and must be soft. In the last polish use soft flannels. In the primary task utilize the mid-range coarse compound to polish based on how inward the scratch goes. 

While you polish any area keep the tool in motion every time. Don’t utilize high pressure. This can damage the product from high temperatures.

3. Sand the Edge

Sanding is done in both wet and dry ways. Use a lot of water to sand the edge using only your hands. Utilize the sand-bock to create even edges. Use low pressure while you grind using power sanding tools. This step helps to lower the heat which can prevent any formation of gummy substances.

4. Sand the Surface

Sanding of the surface should not be done if the unwanted dents or bumps aren’t going away after all the other polishing. Use lots of water to create a good finishing. With no water, the sheet will get heated.

5. Scrape the Edge

Here you can also scrape away the edges using a scarper. Use the metal that has flat edges and sharpness. The scarper must contain the sharpest square edges.

6. Flame Polish the Edge

Utilize the oxygen-hydrogen welding torch to flame polish the edge. Kindly note that the flame has to have a blue tinge. Moreover, it must not be really visible. The flame size can be three inches. It must carry some narrowness and must be lengthy.

Keep the torch in an angle near to 180 degrees. Now start drawing the fire across the edge of the sheet or product. With the right experience, you will know the correct swiftness and length that you need to cover. Check if the step gave the right result. If not wait for the sheet to cool fully. Then repeat the above steps to create a better polish. Kindly remember that introducing heat all of sudden can create unwanted stress that may bring and damages. After this step, you can anneal the area to prevent unwanted post-stress.

What is Annealing

Annealing is a heating-cooling step to improve the quality of the polishing.

  • Here you must clean the sheet thoroughly and dry it first.
  • Then you must heat the sheet until eighty degrees. Start heating every millimeter for one hour. Then it must be cooled down.
  • The cooling time depends on how thick the sheet is. Cool the sheet gradually to lower any stress.
  • More thick sheets need more cooling time. The sheet must be cooled only till sixty degrees. Don’t remove any product before sixty degrees.

Benefits and Applications of Acrylic Polishing

  • Polishing removes unwanted bumps, projections and imperfections.
  • It gives proper shape to the product or sheet.
  • Only a polished sheet will look appealing to the buyer.
  • The sheet sometimes becomes translucent or transparent after polishing which makes it look like glass. Only a transparent sheet can be used instead of glass.
  • In military acrylics are extensively utilized and in such cases, accurate measurements are used to fill acrylic layers. Especially in helmets and guards that prevent stuff. Only accurate polishing can help the right fit of these acrylic sheets onto other things.
  • Similarly, hospitals that use acrylics need polished acrylics. With no polishing, the sheets can hurt sick patients and kids.
  • Furthermore, the food industry and hotels use food counters that need acrylic guards. These to need the right polishing. Without polishing none of the sheets are useful. All customers may touch these sheets. And any injury from non polished sheets can bring huge losses to big companies.

This post explained the process of polishing. It also gave different types of polishing. We have included the most important techniques within acrylic polishes. Also get the different types of acrylic sheets.

Pleasant Plastic provides end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling, and acrylic manufacturers. We are the best acrylic product designer in Dubai, UAE and we Provide Acrylic Laser Cutting Services with high quality laser Cutting Machines. We take pride not only in the efficiency of our job but in delivering orders from our customers on time. You can see that Pleasant Plastic is famous for Acrylic Bending and Molding DubaiContact us for more.

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Types of Acrylic Sheets
Jan 5

Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Acrylic Sheets

What are Acrylic Sheets?


Acrylite is another name in terms of the brand for an acrylic sheet. Other names include Lucite, Perspex and Plexiglas. This material is famous for the gloss that shines. It also has great power to prevent impacts and scratches. The item has the skill to bear higher weight when compared to polycarbonate. In short, it is the strongest material available. Each sector needs a particular kind of acrylic to complete its production. You must go through this post carefully if you want to know about the right types of acrylic sheets. After you read this post you can build that ideal product using your favourite design. You can also read about acrylic laser engraving

Different Types of Acrylic Sheets

The coloured acrylic is the first kind of acrylic sheet we will learn about. When you want sheets that have all the shades that are on earth, then this sheet offers to you exactly that. You can choose from twenty different shades. Now you can get optical benefits and super strength in a colourful way. As a bonus, there is fluorescence in some of these sheets. They glow in the dark to give that ethereal effect on your acrylic products.

1. Clear


One of the most usual kind is the clear acrylic sheet. This kind is highly remarkable in terms of the dimension types. Its thickness falls within the ranges from four inches to one by twenty-fifth of the inch. And the width ranges from 3 ft to 10 ft. The lengths ranges fall between 4 ft to 12 and a half feet. Hence almost all known design dimensions can use these varied dimensions to build the ideal product. Clear acrylic sheets are using different areas like clear acrylic roofing sheets, acrylic sinks/ bathtubs and acrylic fish tanks etc.

2. Textured

There are types of acrylic sheets that are both strong and good looking. It is in fact used instead of glass for several productions. The textured acrylics are used as separations in between any room, patio table or cabinet. It is used since the material withstands force and allows maximum light to pass.

3. Impact Altered

Do you know that acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass? Yes. That’s why although it doesn’t have great impact resistance it is preferred over glass. Altered acrylic has the power to increase such impact resistance skills. This material is similar to polycarbonate. The best part here is that this material also offers optical clarity, weather-resistance and budget-friendliness.

4. Anti-Static

We all know that acrylics offer extreme safety to several varieties of electrical parts. Even then many are scared of the acrylics electrostatic power. These discharges can be adversarial to the electrical parts. This one bears a transparent cover around it. The cover prevents any electrostatic discharge. Another advantage is that this covering is permanent. Hence no humidity can affect the electrical parts in anyways.

5. Lucite Blocks

If you want to complete work that needs detailed lighting works then this sheet will work wonders. The sheet creates a balanced diffusion for glowing. It does this by embedding LED lights in the material in a direct way. It also helps you to consistently keep the same shade for transmission. This is possible notwithstanding the light source for outdoor as well as indoor projects.

6. Abrasion Resisting

Acrylics in the past were bombarded by the abrasions. Hence, a new product which has two coats on it offers matchless durability. Scuffs or scratches can no longer alter your products. The public environment needs such sturdy materials. Moreover, the material offers resistance to damaging and abrasive chemicals.

7. Solar Tints


Ultraviolet rays can harm precious stuff. This is now not an issue after the advent of the solar tint coats on acrylics. Plus, this material lowers the costs by controlling the temperatures in any building. Thus, this sheet offers awesome safety from the suns harmful rays. As an added advantage here the sheet will not create bubbles or peels as it weathers.

8. Mirror Acrylics

These sheets offer a great reflecting surface in places that suffer the highest stress and is a service-related place. Plus, you can choose from 14 types of shades.

9. White

There may be applications where you need non-regular dimensions. You may also need opaque products for such applications. In this situation, you can use white acrylics. These sheets sometimes look black but turn white under LED lights. Hence, now you got another product for creating outdoor signs or ads. This is one of the best product using for Acrylic Lights, Being sensitive to light they are visible only with the LED light.

Main Properties of Acrylic Sheets

You must be knowing that the acrylic sheet has these main properties. It is a transparent plastic substance. Plus the substance is strong, stiff and has optical clarity. You can fabricate the sheet easily. It also bonds properly with most adhesive or solvent. You can thermoform this material, too. When you compare it with other plastics these sheets possess superior weathering properties. Also read the types of displays in visual visual merchandising.

Best Uses for Acrylic Sheets

Mostly the sheets are used in the construction industry. Moreover, now buildings defy the logic of physics. Thus, they now require a tough material. Hence acrylic sheets are used for glazing for commercial and structural areas. You can create the display and point of sale. Additionally, now you can also use them for exhibiting stuff, trade shows or any convention display. The machine shop also uses them. Besides, definitely plastic and metal fabrication jobs need them. People also use them for recreation and signage jobs.

How to Cut an Acrylic Sheet?

  • Place the material on to any flat surface
  • First, begin measuring a line using a yardstick
  • Start drawing a line using the yardstick with a marker
  • The line will guide you to cut the material properly
  • Now start scoring on the sheet using a utility blade while pressing the yardstick on the drawn line
  • Repeat the scoring for ten and twelve times
  • Check if there is a correct groove on the material
  • Change the side of the material and begin scoring that side in the same manner
  • Start clamping the sheet with the drawn line facing the work areas edge
  • Then use a strong downward pushing movement for snapping the area in the sheet which exceeds the work area.
  • The material will snap away according to the desired measurements.


Acrylics come in many types and now you know about most of them. You can boldly pick up the right acrylic type to finish your tasks. The post also taught you how to cut acrylic sheet types using simple procedures. Additionally, you learned about the various uses of acrylic sheet and the properties of acrylic sheet types.

Pleasant Acrylic provides end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling, and acrylic manufacturers. We are the best acrylic product designer in Dubai, UAE. We take pride not only in the efficiency of our job but in delivering orders from our customers on time. You can see that Pleasant Acrylic is famous for Acrylic Bending and Molding Dubai. Contact us for more.


Acrylic Laser Engraving
Dec 8

What is Acrylic Laser Engraving – Complete Guide

What is Acrylic Engraving


The engraving on acrylic processes allows you to include distinct as well as extraordinary aspects inside the acrylic substance. It gives this result because an artist is able to literally include any design, like any light, complex or even intricately done patterns.

Many will have doubts about such an acrylic engraving machine process. That’s why we have prepared this article that will offer guidance across each of the crucial steps plus methods, and even learn how to laser engrave acrylic materials.

Now, you need to know the exact meaning of an Acrylic Engraving work. It is a method to print texts as well as images over the acrylic sheet. The engraving machine prints these designs. Nowadays, this method has become the best known among acrylic fabrication.

Laser Acrylic Engraving


While completing the acrylic laser engraving process over the acrylic sheet you can create a wide variety of designs. The artist will complete the step with the help of the best-quality laser engraving machine.

We will see deeper inside the machine types as well as the tips for finishing the acrylic engraving work.

Today, the laser engraver of acrylic is completing art projects for humongous companies.

The engravers have used this art form like a serious hobby.

Let us now learn the art to acrylic engrave images. You will find how to engrave acrylic using various methods.

Here, we have explained some of the current engraving methods below.

1. Mirrored Reverse Side

The method creates a base alongside utilizing cast acrylic to complete the engraving. In this method the result creates a mirror engraving behind the cast acrylic.

Usually, the end result offers a wonderful transformation.

Let us learn this method in some steps.

Prepare the Design & Place it Inside the Laser Engraver

The finished image inside the cast acrylic is kept in the laser engraver. This step begins the engraver’s work. He will power the laser machine to start engraving.

Remove the Product & Turn the Other Side

The artist engraves the similar image later in the cast acrylic. Such a step creates a clear-cut picture in the cast acrylic’s other face.

Remove the Engraved Result

Once you complete each engraving step, remove the resultant from the laser engraving machine.

2. Paint Veneer

During the method one must use the cast acrylic. The cast-acrylic is painted primarily on one part prior to the engraving.

After engraving the cast acrylic creates the best result in the painted part.

The acrylic engraving method is put in steps below

  • Paint a part in the cast acrylic
  • Cast acrylics get a coat before you engrave them
  • Such a method isn’t unlike the rest
  • Here the cast acrylic gets a coat on a side
  • Create the design that you like to engrave
  • Place the formed picture in the laser engraver
  • Switch the machine on
  • Check if you got the result after you engrave the product
  • Take away the engraved picture
  • After you remove the engraved product the machine’s power is switched off

3. Rotary

When you want the image to rotate for slicing into the acrylic substance use this method.

Special cutters help in completing in-depth cuts that are clear in the acrylic substance.

Set the right geometry in the cutter to create the best cuts.

Fix the correct clearance angle in the rotary engraving acrylic since it creates chip clearance and clear cutting edges.

Use sixty degrees set points for the cutter and 0.005 or 0.007 height.

Groove the letter sets to create a v form which improves the attractiveness in the acrylic.

Use the ninety degree cutter angle as well as tip size.

Moreover, use a bigger cutter angle to get in-depth cuts. Alter the rotary engraving process to get fine products by the tips below.

  • Speed up the spindles and lower rate of feed
  • Use sharper cutter
  • Utilize tapered cutter for getting a beveled edge

4. Laser Method

Since it uses the laser beams the end result is super-beautiful.

The material is vaporised by the laser that is why we get such sleek products.

Place the light wavelength to ten point six microns while placing the setting power to ten watts.

Here you get the engraving result on double sides.

It is profitable when the behind part is also engraved.

This happens since the product now has the ability to portray better dimensions.

The sleek perfection is highly noticeable. Put the engraving text or picture in the reverse form in order to get the correct reading pattern in the result.

Utilize the laser engrave program to get such a result. Also use the mirror option.

Get the right layout picture before you engrave the acrylic.

Hence, you place it in the right location. Use five percent power, hundred percent speed and thirty watts.

Benefits of the Engraving Process with Acrylic Materials

1. Enhance the Appearance – It enhances the look of the acrylic substance alongside creating remarkable acrylic sheet sets.

2. The Prints are Clear to Read – The look of any dull print is transformed to something attractive through the acrylic substance. That is created thanks to the computer program that sharpens the design and image.

3. The Durability of the Engraved Acrylic Products – These special acrylic substances see to it that it creates a stronger product which lasts for many years with no damage. When there are no friction key holders, logos and portrait photographs last for a long time.

4. Suits any Product – This method creates different types in products. Hence, this method can be used for many businesses and sectors. Nowadays, one can create a signboard, photograph, name tag, menu, or even a jewellery item.

5. Create Precise or Same Writing – Use the latest tools in science to create perfect letters and writings. Machines create better consistent results that are crystal clear.

6. Maximum Safety – Since all lasers are handled with utmost safety procedures this process ensures total safety before starting the engraving.

7. High Efficiency – Use any acrylic sheet of any depth or height. Thus, you achieve high efficiency that creates several positive outcomes.

8. This Method is Fast – The process helps to create several designs from acrylic substances.

Points to Consider for the Acrylic Engraving Process:

Temperature – To get the right quality in the resulting product you must choose the temperature. Use the correct temperature while setting the laser to avoid any burning.
Correct material – When you need a particular effect use the correct acrylic material. For instance, while one needs the frosting white result one can utilize the cast acrylics.
Your safety – Any use of lasers calls for extra safety measures. Use all safety gear always while operating the laser.

Common Problems in Acrylic Engraving

  1. The mirrored reverse side step takes more time than other methods
  2. The paint veneer method also takes a lot of time
  3. The rotary technique needs to follow tough rules in the setting for creating the best products.

Other Issues Related to Method and Designing

1. Burning After Engraving 

Use the right information about the acrylic material.

Use the correct condition. Use the best temperatures.

Pick the speed according to the process.

Some need one hundred and the other need only five or ten percent speed.

Start testing with a sample acrylic substance prior to beginning to engrave. Such a step shall alter the condition types to gain the correct result.

Use the direct-to-acrylic to engrave at times

2. Tips to Stop Burns

Lessen the dot per inch to engrave anything. Here the laser vaporizes in the acrylic’s upper layer eventually avoiding any burning.

Use the right acrylic substance to create the frosty white while you engrave

Utilize the cast acrylic that transforms into the frosty result after you engrave

3. Tips to Avoid Inconsistent Results

Try the lesser resolution like three hundred dots at each inch. Change black graphic to eighty percent.

Choose the thin wet sheet of newspaper aka a paper towel for the engraving place.

Such a step allows heat to dissipate but do check if the paper has no wrinkle.

Polish the place using no-scratch scour pads to remove acrylic wastes.

4. Engraving is Slow

Check if you clean the machine always. Check if you have removed dirt or other wastes. Next, see if the lense or mirror is sparkling clean and not dirty.

5. Laser Engraver Fails to Give out Light while Acrylic Engraving 

Click on the control panel option to find the status saying it is switched on. Find if any lens is damaged.

6. Various Depths while Engraving 

Check whether water circulation is flowing smoothly.

Readjust the focal lengths. Check if the path of the light path is at usual level or alter it correctly.

Re-alter the crossbeam to check the parallel value.

Applications of Acrylic Engraving

This engraving method creates ‘eight’ great new creations for any business.

1. Key Holders – According to the various preferences of the customer you can create personalized key holders with acrylic substances.
2. Business Card Cases – You can build the seductive and stylish business card case for any company or business.
3. Cost List Holder – Create a pretty cost list for huge company areas like the malls.
4. Logos – Engrave the logo for any company, business alongside any school with the acrylic substance. You get incredible results.
5. Menus – Engrave the menu for any hotel with acrylic substances for enticing customers.
6. Engrave Jewelry – Several pieces of marvelous looking jewelry are created by this method.
7. Acrylic Name Plate on the Official Desk – Engrave names inside official areas of any business. Such a tag with the name helps you to recognize officials and staff in a company.
8. Engrave Photographs in Acrylic – Engrave any portrait in the best acrylic to create remarkable results.


Now, you know how to use the right method in acrylic engraving. Use the rare tips and methods mentioned above to create beautiful and long lasting acrylic products for your company. Time to etch outstanding images on phenomenal acrylics!

Pleasant Acrylic provides end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling, and acrylic manufacturers. We are the best acrylic product designer in Dubai, UAE. We take pride not only in the efficiency of our job but in delivering orders from our customers on time. You can see that Pleasant Acrylic is famous for Acrylic Bending and Molding Dubai. Contact us for more.