Different Types of Display in Visual Merchandising

What is Visual Merchandising Always presenting a product or Service to our market is the key success of business. When you get into a physical store you could find several examples for this. The ultimate goal of visual merchandising is to improve the sales by attracting people. To attain this the merchandiser will transform every single element of his store in order to gain the customer’s attention. These elements can be as follows: In store displays Interactive displays Installation of the windows Shelving Point of sale displays Price tickets Promotional or seasonal displays Posters Benefits of Visual Merchandising We will have a look at the core benefits of visual merchandising 1. Branding When considering a business, branding is a vital part for its growth. As we all know this acts as one important element in strengthening the basement of a business. With the displays used in visual merchandising. This will register your brand in the customer’s mind. 2. Customer Engagement Displays can engage customers. We have seen that shopping malls and big brands are using custom displays to promote their specific products. In many situations customers are attracted to the store because of this display. This can make a positive...

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