On all of our acrylic sheets, we offer a full in-house bending service; there are no minimum orders, and we can do one-off prototypes as well as massive production deployments. Acrylic bending is accomplished by heating the acrylic sheet, which causes the heated portion to become thermoformable, allowing it to be bent and twisted into the desired shape. Pleasant Plastic offers acrylic products of various shapes and sizes.


Thermoforming and injection molding are the two methodologies used by the acrylic fabricators in the UAE for acrylic bending. While the thermoforming process involves heating the acrylic sheet so it can be readily molded, the acrylic injection molding process involves heating the material and injecting it at high temperatures and pressure into a bespoke mold. Acrylic can be molded into desired shapes and sizes using either of these procedures.


Acrylic is widely appreciated for its glass-like transparency and ability to be polished to a glossy finish, making it ideal for displaying precious products and applications with visible edges. When we cut the edges of the acrylic merchandise, it can look opaque or ambiguous. However, acrylic service providers in Dubai can adeptly provide a high gloss appeal to acrylic products with acrylic polishing techniques.


Acrylic Etching is the most cost-effective way of imprinting on a thick and hard acrylic product, according to acrylic manufacturers in Dubai. Acrylic etching is a chemical procedure in which an etcher creates patterns on acrylic by burning it with acid. Not just for hard acrylic, but if you want acrylic designing in bulk, clear acrylic etching is the most cost-effective design method. Laser etching eliminates a top layer of material without causing a fissure in the acrylic product.


Acrylic engraving is a proven technique to add distinct and attractive elements to your acrylic products. You can create almost any design, from simple to complex to detailed. It is the process of using an acrylic engraving machine to print text or photographs on acrylic sheets. It is one of the most widely used design strategies in every acrylic fabrication company. Engraving offers a series of designs on the acrylic sheet using a high-quality acrylic laser engraving machine.


Acrylic laser cutting technologies are designed to cut acrylic products in a comprehensive and specified form. One of the most popular methods for cutting acrylic products into the desired design is laser cutting. When connected to a computer, the laser cutter functions as a printer, transferring the design/image to the acrylic sheet. Laser cutting from Pleasant Plastic is perhaps the most potential solution if you need to make challenging, detailed, and innovative shapes with acrylic.


Pleasant Plastic offers significant acrylic CNC cutting services with swift turnaround times and creative technology. Our acrylic services cover a wide range of applications ranging from etching and marking to cutting and engraving. We use a CNC router to cut acrylic sheets with zeal, taking all required precautions to produce a flawless cut devoid of inconsistencies and hassles. This technique employs exactly the appropriate amount of force to cut acrylic without causing permanent damage.


Cutting acrylic sheets is a rather simple operation once you’ve determined which approach is appropriate for you and your level of skill. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can cut acrylic at home manually. However, for precise results, it is always advisable to seek professional assistance from an Acrylic Fabrication Company. Cutting acrylic is not simple as it seems. It necessitates more potential and attention to detail.


Acrylic painting may appear daunting at first, but with the correct training and guidance from acrylic fabricators in UAE, it’s a breeze. Once you’ve grasped knowledge in painting on plexiglass sheets, the options are endless: a sheet of acrylic might be used to create high-end wedding decorations, incredible jewelry, or a three-dimensional masterpiece that will astound beholders. Your imagination is the only confinement! Pleasant Plastic offers the highest quality acrylic services including painting.


Acrylic is frequently used in product prototyping and packaging. You can add graphics to signs and displays in a variety of ways, including mounting vinyl graphics to acrylic, UV printing on acrylic with UV printers, and then applying braille and other Gloss ink effects. Acrylic Fabricators in UAE employ VersaUV technology that offers pretty obvious gloss ink finishes that not just allow colourful graphics but also offer elevated fonts, special textures and exquisite finishes if required.

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